Saturday, November 20th, 2010
NOV 20
GTA: State Of Liberty Online (SOL-O) - First Development Video

GTA: Vice City - Modifications | @ 01:32 AM MDT | By DECEiFER
It's here, as promised! We have kept the project's momentum going with our first-ever SOL-O development video edition.

This edition focuses on one main core multi-player feature; synchronization. The main area demonstrated is vehicles, showcasing motion (velocity, movement and turning/rotation), damage, and color.

Ever since the merge with State Of Liberty, the motion-wise vehicle synchronization has been completely redone, employing new methods to accommodate not only smooth actions, but also extreme circumstances. Accuracy has been our newest concern, so that's been preserved too, as demonstrated by some tests (skidding, barrel rolls) that are showcased in this video.

With color synchronization, the full spectrum of RGB can be used to color your car (both primary and secondary car color parameters), and further than that, you can set the vehicle's alpha (transparency) - something that has never been accomplished in Vice City before! A simple function in Lua can be used to set all these parameters. The Pay 'N' Sprays also use synchronized colored mist clouds based on the vehicle's respray color.

Our vehicle damage synchronization is precision-grade, with each individual panel, door, tyre and light having its own configurable damage status. In addition to manually setting the component states, they are automatically synchronized. Some damage statuses include in-tact, dented, removed/turned on or off, popped, and swinging open.

This video was filmed on November 17, 2010. At no point in the video was the filmer driving.

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hummmmmm i see you have mixed sa with vc,not bad but can you make a tool to auto convert sa car mod to gta4? that would be a major break through no one has clam to that yet!

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11-29-2010 03:24 PM
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um..... who really uses the older gta engines anymore??? putting gta 3 and SA into the vice city engine,wtf guys. i thought we would of evolved past that,hell, why couldnt they have done it under san andreas? after spending 4 to 5 years ripping out code,modifying and learning everything from san andreas we have to de-evolve? comon now! to the creators of this; save yourself some time before your to deep,port your work over to san andreas before its to late and the growth of your mod will be bigger than what you will get out of this crap.
11-29-2010 07:45 PM
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@doc_martin: This is a completely different type of mod than what you are requesting. Our efforts are being monopolized by the SOL-O project.

@bikera: That's a lovely way of putting it, however not a very educated opinion at the same time, as you are simply jumping to conclusions without first asking us why we chose to use the Vice City engine. Come on, there has to be a good reason, right?

However, it is all well and good if you are not into the older engines. Play GTA IV and EFLC, they're a great set of games, we all play them on the SOL-O team, but our hearts are firmly attached to the last generation of GTA's.

We've had the concern about the Vice City engine being used instead of the San Andras one noted to us in the past, albeit more politely and with more substance behind it, but I will attempt to address it nevertheless. Here's a word-bite from the lead developer, ReGeX, to a similar comment elsewhere not too long ago:

"You could say that San Andreas has more features, but the only thing that you're missing is that San Andreas is essentially a modified Vice City engine. [Spoiler] We have already been working on implementing "key features" that San Andreas has in a new and improved way. No other modification inherently adds features from another game, creating new engines to handle different tasks. For more details, you'll have to stay tuned. Hopefully that answers your question.

The key reason that many people switched from VC to SA is because VC was lacking these features, thus leading to disappointment. This is a major purpose of this modification, let alone the extensive online functionality. Stay tuned."

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12-02-2010 06:57 AM
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In conclusion:

What we hope to achieve is something bigger than SA in an engine that has been pimped to the max, even improving on features found within SA, where possible. If you had a read around our website and forum, you would have been made aware of our motives, thus hopefully putting your mind at rest. So, if that doesn't help you understand our position on using the Vice City engine, then there's not a lot else we can say to try and convince you. I guess it will be a case of if you want to play it, great. If not, then that's okay too.
12-02-2010 07:09 AM

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