Wednesday, October 14th, 2009
OCT 14
First Ballad of Gay Tony Multiplayer details

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 03:39 PM MDT | By Ash_735
Rockstar Games have recently updated a section on The Ballad of Gay Tony official website to now include details and screenshots of the new Multiplayer modes and features including a revamped way for players to earn money during Deathmatch.
Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch
In Deathmatch, with up to 16 players online, your objective is to have the most kills within the set time. Players are awarded contract money for each kill, and can also loot casualties for their dropped cash. The player with the most cash when the game ends wins. In Team Deathmatch, players work as a team to rub out other teams for money - and the crew with the most cash at the end of the round wins.

The Ballad of Gay Tony takes these classic multiplayer modes and gives them a high-powered bump with the addition of new weapons like the Assault SMG, the Explosive Shotgun, the Advanced Sniper Rifle, Sticky Bombs and more. See below for the full list and other specifications.

New Weapons
Pistol .44, Explosive Shotgun, Assault SMG, Gold SMG, Advanced MG, Advanced Sniper, Sticky Bombs and Parachute

Cash for Kills
Make $25 for every assisted kill.

Kill Streaks
Kill streaks of 3, 5 or 10 gives the player health and armor bonuses. Ending other players' kill streaks you earn $125.

Deathmatch Locations
Deathmatch locations are contained areas, making for an even more intense experience. New locations include: CC Plaza, Meadow Hills, Firefly Island, Alderney Building Site, Varsity Heights, Factory, Construction, Acter Power Station, Pier 45, Castle Gardens Park, Boat House, Easton Subway, Warehouse, Hospital, Waste, Trespass, Museum and more.

Weapon Classes
Episodic, Automatic, Sniper Rifles, Explosives, Sticky Bombs.

Free Mode
Free Mode is a long-running fan favorite mode that is truly the sandbox equivalent of Multiplayer. No rules, no guidelines, just all out mayhem and anarchy. Join in and go nuts rampaging amongst other Grand Theft Auto lunatics. Or get together with friends and and create your own original game in this wide open freeform mode. Now made more insane than ever with the addition of the nimble Buzzard attack helicopter, the devastating N.O.O.S.E. APC and even parachutes to enable you to skydive down from the top of Rotterdam Tower blasting fools from up above.

10 new screenshots also accompanied this new information:

Check out the rest in our screenshot gallery
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Registered User

Registered: Apr 2008
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Parachute in multiplayer would be interesting. Too bad those parachutes won't twist together when two people collide in the air with parachutes.

10-14-2009 04:25 PM
Registered User

Registered: Feb 2009
Posts: 22
Someday, some dude will hack the game and extract all the files now that will be cool
10-14-2009 05:54 PM
Registered User

Registered: Jun 2008
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all the multiplayer screens look bad ass
10-14-2009 08:45 PM
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oh dear that parachuting screenshot looks like a lot of fun :p
10-15-2009 04:23 AM

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