Wednesday, April 29th, 2009
APR 29
Happy Birthday Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 01:10 AM MDT | By Ash_735 & Slim Trashman

Today is the first year anniversary of the console release of Grand Theft Auto IV and we have spent the past week just looking at a small part of fan work and other things in the community, of course we’d like to thank Rockstar Games for making the game and thank you guys too for making this such an interesting community.

To conclude The Seven Days of GTA IV, we look at mods created by our own community that have been successful.

To start off we have the very popular GTA IV Bodyguard Mod which allows you to spawn any in game model as a personal guard for Niko, allowing you to create your own little army. We also have the GTA IV Car Bomber Mod, in case you want that special way of sending people to the afterlife, this mod allows you to carry around an explosive and attach it to any car and later detonate it for your own enjoyment, both of these mods were created by our own rappo.

In celebration of Grand Theft Auto IV’s PC release, One of GTAGaming’s founders Zidane and his brother re-recorded three songs free for people to download to kick start their custom soundtrack collection for the game, this can be found in the GTA IV Music Pack.

Ending off the post we have a small modification by behzad_sol which changes the Perseus Cell Phone theme in Grand Theft Auto IV to a very nice fan made GTAGaming Theme. We hope you have enjoyed this past week and we hope you continue to enjoy Grand Theft Auto IV.
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so that what happened to the "Portal" Cake :P
04-29-2009 01:30 AM
Registered User

Registered: Aug 2003
Posts: 6,204
that cake is making me hungry
i still think niko wouldve preferred a pie though
04-29-2009 02:25 AM
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Registered: Jun 2008
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Happy Birthday GTA-IV, hope you enjoy it as well! best wishes!!!
04-29-2009 03:00 AM
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Happy Birthday GTA. Best game Ever. And for the next cake you can make Niko Blowing Himself up from The Roterdam Tower, saying THIS IS LIBERTY. LOL Nice cake
04-29-2009 10:44 AM
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Registered: Apr 2008
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zidane, rappo, slim. where is my slice? lol j.k. - HAPPY BIRTHDAY GTA IV!
04-29-2009 01:00 PM
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Registered: Apr 2009
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Shouldn't there be 5 cherries? One for every friend. LOL. May we enjoy GTA for many years yo come. :))
04-29-2009 01:10 PM
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Happy Birthday Grand Theft Auto IV. 1 Year went so fast.
04-29-2009 03:25 PM
Slim Trashman
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No way rappo, Niko is not some lame-o pie guy. Real men eat caek.
04-29-2009 04:32 PM
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Hurrah! Happy Birthday, best game ever.
04-29-2009 10:46 PM

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grand theft auto 4 the best game ever is one year old already!
05-02-2009 09:53 AM

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