Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008
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GTA IV PC error troubleshooting

Grand Theft Auto IV - Rockstar/Take2 News | @ 08:37 PM MDT | By rappo
The PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV is now available in North America, Europe, and Australia! The release, however, does not come without trouble: many frustrated gamers have been reporting framerate and general graphic settings issues.

Although I wish we could be bringing news of a complete fix for these problems, that may have to wait off a couple weeks. For now, Rockstar Games has published a couple documents on the official support page, including one that explains each graphics setting and another that documents all error codes that the game may return. Unfortunately, many people have reported that their game suffers from framerate problems regardless of the graphics settings. We'll be covering any game patches or solutions that we come across, for now anybody with problems can try our forums for support.

Thanks to .:Mouldy Punk:. for the information
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Well then it looks like I am going to have to wait untile Rockstar fixes these issues before I make a purchase.
12-02-2008 09:24 PM
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well that sucks =(

this game is gonna bring my computer to its Knees, even though I barely cover minimum specs on the CPU, my Video Card and Memory is fine.
12-02-2008 09:28 PM
Slim Trashman
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I'm still waiting for Hot Coffee v2, would really put icing on the cake for this release :p
12-02-2008 09:51 PM
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Yeah, this was my sole game purchase of the year that I had been waiting for since it was released on the consoles. It wasn't pleasant jumping through installation hoops and signing up for a million accounts and getting the run around with extra downloads, but I really didn't enjoy being caught by an error from the Social Club that kept the game from launching. When I did get in game, in between LOTS OF FUN I'd be kinda depressed that with my newish system I still get terrible framerates with graphics that look subpar, even compared to the X-Box version.

The game maxes my settings at medium textures and high details with crappy draw distances at 1680 x 1050 yielding 30fps average with dips and peaks throughout.

I'm running on a Q6600, with 2 gigs of ram, and a HD4850. I thought meeting recommended settings still meant something. =p I hope the game gets optimized more with a patch or something, I don't wanna have to upgrade again so soon.

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12-03-2008 12:10 AM
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sounds like you need a Core i7, 4GB DDR3, and a 4870 x2 Jinxyboi ;)

also lol @ Slim =P

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12-03-2008 12:19 AM
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If only I could pirate hardware. lol
12-03-2008 02:35 AM
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rofl ^ yea no kidding
12-03-2008 04:01 AM

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I Play GTA IV With:
AMD Sempron SP 3 PRO :GPU 1.80 Ghz
I play it everytihing on low and i had 2 time's "MMA10" Error..3'd time nothing.
And i ave black big spots on the floor on the streets...Not in the building's when the door is closed...Only when the door is open.
And if i changs the save games or leave the game the game stuck!!!
It's Sucks...I have not a strong pc but...
Sry for english...
12-04-2008 02:25 PM

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