Monday, November 10th, 2008
GTA IV's downloadable content delayed as well?

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 09:36 PM MDT | By zombienm
In a recent interview with Variety, Dan Houser, vice president and co-founder of Rockstar, has hinted at a possible delay of the downloadable content for the Xbox 360 version of GTA IV. The DLC has been long slated for a release later this year, but it could now be early 2009 before it's ready. This follows a well recognized trend in GTA's long history of game delays.

He's also said that a price and definite release date could be announced in a few weeks. For more, check out the article over at GameSpot or the interview with Variety.
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Yeahhh we should have all seen this coming.
11-10-2008 10:55 PM
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It's getting to the point that I'm not really interested, with Mirror's Edge, Fallout, and all the other great games coming out, not to mention all the Rock Band DLC, this'll have to be amazing. Really hope it's not just some new missions and that's it.
11-10-2008 11:53 PM

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Rest assured, Rockstar will deliver.
11-11-2008 12:22 AM
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And tomorrow, Microsoft will "Jump In" and say "is cumming 'zis winter, beatch!". Do they ever give ANYTHING time to develop?
11-11-2008 01:02 AM
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Eh, when Rockstar says something will come out, Usually you add another month or six.
11-11-2008 02:04 AM
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I'm sure Rockstar will deliver, I just hope it's mind blowing so I get excited about the series again. I haven't played GTA IV in a few months now, and I'm one of those people who checked this site every day when a GTA game was on the horizon, since before Vice City. I own all of them, including the three portable versions (I skipped the original Gameboy ones), so I would consider myself a big fan.

Anyway, I'm hoping this delay, if there is one, will lead to one of two situations: One, that it's either so amazing and of such a high quality that I have enough interest in it to put the aforementioned games on the shelf, or two, that it comes out during a time where there aren't four great releases a week. It's getting pricey.
11-11-2008 02:21 AM

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Don't worry, I, as with many others, are in the same boat as you.
11-11-2008 02:45 AM

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i wonder if they will make content for us pc users
11-11-2008 02:21 PM
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hope so :D
11-11-2008 06:44 PM

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Hmm, well game companies knock out DLC all the time, Rockstar keep touting that it's something big, so for all this time and delay, IT BETTER BE! I swear, if it's just a few extra missions and cars or some crap then Rockstar will look like some crappy amateur company. However, if it's something like a whole new storyline, cars, music, etc set in Liberty City, and they charge for it, maybe then it would be worth it and make sense why it's taking soo damn long.
11-11-2008 07:46 PM

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truu that ash
11-11-2008 08:11 PM
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Ash is on the right track. It's been over 7 months. 7 whole months. Freakin' jesus, I definitely buy it on demand, like right when it comes out. I'll have to read reviews and all the details about it. I don't wanna get it and then only get the ability to drive a taxi for customers.
And god damn, they could probably add an island and a bunch of more missions.

Rockstar is actually... disappointing me at the moment.
11-15-2008 12:30 AM
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i can see the future... i can see its November the 21st.. recent news post.... GTA IV on PC delayed till 2010 first quarter.

p.s. seeing rock* delaying stuff now and then, i think this is fking plausible >.< *mad*
11-17-2008 11:32 AM

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