Friday, September 19th, 2008
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GTA Chinatown Wars details

GTA: Chinatown Wars - General News | @ 03:12 AM MDT | By Neil
The latest issue of Nintendo Power is arriving with subscribers at the moment and inside is a world exclusive preview of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for Nintendo DS.

The magazine reveals that the game will have a cel-shaded look and action will be viewed from an isometric perspective. This results in a similar viewpoint to that included in the GBA port of Max Payne, which also developed by Rockstar Leeds.

The game's story is a tale of revenge and retrieval. A triad boss becomes the victim of a brutal murder and a precious family heirloom - a sword named the Yu Jian - is stolen. His son (and our protagonist), Huang Lee, must discover who did these terrible things to his father. He's not alone though - he'll be working alongside Wade Heston, a Liberty City police officer.

A "good portion" of Liberty City is included in the game, and fans will be pleased to hear it's based on the more recent and more detailed rendition of the city from GTA IV. Rockstar are keen for everyone to know it's a true GTA game, with the series' trademark sandbox gameplay and wide variety of weapons, pedestrians and cars.

Interestingly, the magazine reveals that the game will feature full integration with the Rockstar Games Social Club. The game's interface is based on a PDA with large icons which are easy to select using the console's touch screen.

One area where the game differs from its bigger brothers is in that there are a number of minigames included. These are said to be "tasteful" and make full use of the console's unique input features. The game also gives "subtle" steering assistance to the player, despite the console having a full D-Pad.

The game changes the rules a little where the police are concerned too. Your wanted level is no longer lost by simply evading arrest but instead it will reduce when you destroy your pursuers' cars.

The first screenshots are sure to be on their way very soon. Check back later for those.
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If anyone wants to know, Yu Jian means Jade Sword and Huang Lee means Pineapple, merely a play on words (supposed to be Huang Li). The pineapple has a meaning in our Chinese culture.

Good to see that Rockstar Leeds actually put some effort into the storyline :D
09-19-2008 04:21 AM
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Doesn't sound so bad actually, but I'm waiting for some screenshots! Cell-shaded GTA... hmmmmm....
09-19-2008 09:40 AM
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looks cool
09-20-2008 01:11 AM

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