Monday, August 4th, 2008
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GTA IV pulled from Thailand store shelves

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 10:06 AM MDT | By Slim Trashman
South-east Asian video game publisher, New Era Interactive Media, has told Thai retailers to pull GTA IV from store shelves after an 18 year old teenager confessed to murdering a cab driver and "Grand Theft Auto", in attempt to discover if it was in fact as easy to rob a taxi in real life as in the game.
Thai newspapers say the teenager, whose name has been withheld, was arrested while trying to steer a cab backwards out of a Bangkok street with the driver still in the back seat.

Police claim the 18-year-old confessed to stealing the taxi and said he killed the 54-year-old driver after he fought back. The teenager could face the death penalty if he is found guilty.

You can check out the full story here.
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Next time i kill someone or do something bad, remember me to tell them its GTA IV's fault, that way i might get away with it easier...this is ridiculous.
08-04-2008 10:43 AM
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oh no, Jack Thompson is gonna find out 'bout this!
08-04-2008 11:04 AM
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Or perhaps it was an experiment to see how easily you could blame your woes on a game. I understand he was scared and blamed GTA but we must remember that there are oblivious politicians who thought Bully should have been an M rated game (they who having no in game experience) based on some clips of a kid getting hit with a baseball bat. Hot Cofee was "WHAT? HE HAS A PENIS?! WE CAN'T LET OUR KIDS KNOW ABOUT PENISES, THERE THE DEVIL" but did you actually do the research Mrs. Clinton?

Don't blame the kid. Blame the sheep who believed him and those who obviously don't care and are working towards public appeal.

[ post edited 08-06-2008 12:11 AM by sleeper ]
08-04-2008 12:01 PM
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wow some people just have no life and all they do is try to stop fun for other people just like all the people against the NRA
08-04-2008 02:09 PM
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Ah yes Thailand. Land where primitive things such as prostitution and monarchy are in full force but at the same time violent video games are banned when a crazy dude claims he killed a man because of them. Cambodia FTW!
08-04-2008 05:30 PM
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that is just bull i have played violent games ever since i was 4 by playing mortal kombat and i go to skool got a job never fought unless to defend my self this shyt sucks big balls
08-04-2008 11:13 PM
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I sick of that people that blames video games on their stupid actions!
Why they wan't to destroy the game that we love so much?
I hate those people!
08-05-2008 01:37 AM
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lol thats great. Im gonna start using GTA 4 as my scape goat for the shit I get into now.

I was brainwashed by GTA4! Blame Sam Houser! Not ME!!!!
08-05-2008 03:19 PM

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