Monday, June 9th, 2008
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GTA: America's favorite pastime? - General News | @ 03:41 PM MDT | By rappo

CJ flaunts his sales
in a sharp outfit
All the news of GTA IV slipping from its top ranks in sales charts makes me sad, but when I came across this Forbes article (found via GTAthegame.NET), I was glad to finally see a positive mention. Forbes, using sales data from NPD Group, put together this list of the top ten best-selling games in the USA since 1989, which coincidentally all debuted in or after 2001:
  1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (9.4 million units sold)
  2. Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock (8.2 million units sold)
  3. Madden NFL 07 (7.7 million units)
  4. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (7.3 million units)
  5. Madden NFL 06 (6.7 million sold)
  6. Halo 2 (6.61 million)
  7. Madden NFL 08 (6.6 million units)
  8. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (6.25 million units)
  9. Grand Theft Auto 3 (6.2 million units)
  10. Madden NFL 2005 (6.1 million units)
Every eligible new era interconsole Grand Theft Auto game has made the list! The Madden NFL series ties GTA in this list, but the way Grand Theft Auto IV has been selling (worldwide shipped 11 million copies and sold 8.5 million), there is no doubt that it will snag the top rank once the data is collected, therefore knocking Madden NFL 2005 out of the top ten.
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that's better ;)
06-09-2008 04:50 PM
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Where is Halo 3?
06-09-2008 05:40 PM
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Halo 3 has only sold about 5 million units in the US, not enough to hit this chart.
06-09-2008 06:10 PM
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hell, gta 4 will probably make #1 especially if they release a pc version
06-09-2008 07:09 PM
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San Andreas, where the fun stuff was at.

PC version of GTA IV would kick ass up and down the street of gaming. All the modifications people could make to make the game much more fun and lasting. Would freaking sick.
06-10-2008 12:16 AM
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I say it's sad also that GTA:IV is sliping from the top possition of sails charts, how many units has it sold so far?
06-10-2008 05:25 AM

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