Saturday, May 24th, 2008
The "GTA-PC"

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 06:14 AM MDT | By ash_735
Many people who purchased the Special Edition of Grand Theft Auto IV will know about the safe deposit box that comes with the package. Now this can be used to store many things (I store all Rockstar related stuff and gig tickets in the thing), but Mark Harris has had a different idea: he transformed the safe deposit box into a working personal computer!

He has posted pictures and an explanation on his website.
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Registered: Oct 2004
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I just want the PC version of GTA: IV
05-24-2008 07:49 AM
GTA addict since 2001

Registered: Nov 2004
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That's really cool!
05-24-2008 08:57 AM
Registered User

Registered: Apr 2008
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Thats socl//
05-24-2008 09:06 AM
Shadow Conception
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That's just awesome.

Clayton should turn it into a wallet, if he got the SE. :P
05-24-2008 12:29 PM
Batteries not included!

Registered: Jul 2007
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that came out really clean cut, i like!
05-24-2008 12:39 PM
Been making Mcconaughey jokes since long before...

Registered: Jul 2006
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Nice. Hope he has good fans though. I don't think the Deposit box is the most Fire-Hazard-safe of cases.
05-24-2008 12:45 PM
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I say fake.
05-24-2008 02:32 PM
Formaly cosmic

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Wow. I wish I had talent like that.
05-24-2008 03:56 PM
Professional Dumbass

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Tendercrisp: I doubt there will be any intense processing going on with that PC :P
05-24-2008 04:41 PM
Addicted PC Gamer

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Heh that looks cool, but I agree with tendercrisp, I would at least add one exaust fan somewhere just for ventilation
05-24-2008 05:52 PM
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if u actually click the link to the website u can see he does have a ventilation fan
it also describes the steps he took in making it
05-24-2008 07:28 PM
Addicted PC Gamer

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oops thanks for that, missed the website link lol
05-24-2008 07:53 PM
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The question is, will it be able to run GTA IV when it comes out :P
05-25-2008 10:21 AM
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what is the specification of this?
05-26-2008 12:02 AM
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This wins.
05-26-2008 03:01 AM
I like coffee

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OOOH, that's insane. Still, I wouldn't do that to my box.
05-26-2008 04:46 AM

Registered: Apr 2008
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thats pretty cool i wonder if it runs good
05-27-2008 08:40 AM
L1 Grittack

Registered: Apr 2008
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that's a pretty sweet idea, but i'm content with it not being a computer
05-28-2008 07:39 PM

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