Sunday, April 20th, 2008
Circuit City to give GTA IV buyers a $10 gift card

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 11:05 AM MDT | By Neil
Everyone might be happy at Circuit CityThe latest flyer promoting the weekly offers and releases at Circuit City (a US retailer) has found its way to the internet and there are a couple of bargains that may be of interest to those looking to buy GTA IV next week.

Most significant is the free $10 gift card that will be given to buyers of GTA IV on either format. You don't have to do anything else, simply buy the game at its normal price of $59.99 for the standard edition or $89.99 for the special edition and you'll get the gift card included for free.

Their other offer will appeal to people who haven't yet bought a next generation console. If you purchase a new Xbox 360 console along with GTA IV between April 27th and May 3rd, you'll get an additional wireless conroller included for free. The motivation behind this one is a little odd, since it's previously been confirmed that GTA IV doesn't feature any split screen multiplayer, but a bonus is a bonus, right?!
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edgeid Member

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Aww, look at the little kid. He's happy that daddy bought him GTA IV.
04-20-2008 01:49 PM
edgeid Member

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i doubt that kid is carrying a copy of GTA IV looks more like an xbox 360
04-20-2008 01:57 PM
edgeid Member

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Nah i'm just kidding lols
04-20-2008 02:24 PM
edgeid Member

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I'd like that sort of happiness in my life.
Circuit City here I come...
04-20-2008 02:27 PM
edgeid Member

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Do they really need to dangle carrots infront of the eyes of potential GTA IV buyers?

They're gonna buy the thing! lols
04-21-2008 12:25 AM
edgeid Member

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DONT DO IT! ITS A SCAM OF SOME SORT! im getting mine from gamestop :D then i get 10% off a book which i dont care about and am not gettting. lol but think why would a store technecly sell gtaIV for 50$ when its worth 60$? theres gotta be a catch to it. or maybe they are just kewl like that? doubt it theyre a big corparation out to scam your money away. gamestop is no different though. buy a game for 60$ take it back the next day and i guess magicly the value decreases to 19$!!!!
ill stop babbling now lolz
04-21-2008 07:36 AM

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