Monday, March 10th, 2008
MAR 10
EDGE Magazine: new details, screenshots, artwork

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 07:18 PM MDT | By Slim Trashman
EDGE Magazine's April 2008 issue comes packed with a 16 page article on "The Making of Grand Theft Auto", with its main focus on, of course, GTA IV. The article goes rather in-depth, providing some interesting new details on the game, as well as several new screenshots and new/"complete" versions of artwork (You can view the scans of the article following the discuss link at the bottom of this post). Included in this big batch of new images was a wireframe birds-eye shot of Firefly Island, Liberty City's take on Coney Island
  • In GTA IV there are strip joints and, more unexpectedly, comedy clubs , which have been incorporated in a manner that is "enough to make your head spin." Edge aren't allowed to say anything else about it at the moment.
  • Jets and planes fly through the airport, and have visible pilots inside them. The tester drove alongside a jet, only to have a 4-star wanted level appear!
  • One encounter face-to-face with a cop got the response: "I'm a cop... and you're a dickhead!"
  • On the subject of multiplayer... Houser wasn't able to go into much detail, but he did mention being able to get together online in the game with no other goal other than to use it as a meeting place: "I'll meet you in a car and we'll hang and just drive and listen to music, chilling in the car, with your 3D model sat next to me," he says.
  • The car paint jobs are noticable from newer cars being gleaming and spotless, to old cars being rusted and dull.
  • Bulletholes are permanent, as is dirt on the cars, unless you take it over to the car wash.
  • Interior walls can be greatly damaged, "ripping chunks out of the plaster with gunfire."
  • Corpse Ride, obviously a ghost train-esque ride, quite a large building next to the liberty eye
  • The rollercoaster seen in trailer 1 is not visible, which perhaps means the park is larger than what is seen in the screen
  • The rides themselves definitely look accessible, perhaps can ride them for dating etc.

Update: We have updated the news with the new contents, as soon we received the scans.
  • Wireframed Firefly Island vs. Rendered Firefly Island

  • New Screenshots:

  • New Artworks:

Thanks to raidenraider200 for informing us and noxiousd for providing the scans. | Discuss on the GTA IV forums
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