Thursday, February 14th, 2008
Dan Houser shares his favorite GTA IV experience

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 02:22 PM MDT | By Slim Trashman
Co-Founder of Rockstar Games, writer and executive producer of nearly every Grand Theft Auto released to date, and brother of Rockstar President, Sam Houser, Dan Houser has revealed one of his favorite experiences from his time spent playing GTA IV during development:
There are so many defining moments, but a recent one was during a police chase. A song I love came on one of the radio stations while I had two cop cars chasing me through chinatown. I was speeding along when another cop car I hadn't seen rammed me straight on, our cars crunched together, and I was sent flying through the windshield. I ducked into cover and could still hear the song playing from my smashed-up car. Then the cops opened fire, but one of them hit a pedestrian who pulled out his gun and started shooting. The next thing I know, there was a full-scale war going on between a random gang and the cops. Within a few seconds all the cops were dead and the gang members walked away. I got hold of another car and quietly drove out of the search area to lose my wanted level.

It is amazing to hear how enhanced the artificial intelligence in the game has become as compared its predecessors. People will no longer just be reacting to your actions, but anyone's actions. This story alone seems to prove Rockstar's success in truly creating a living, breathing world.

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edgeid Member

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wow, that is really old.

I remember reading that in a R* Preview a LONG time ago.
02-14-2008 05:26 PM
The Rican=-)
edgeid Member

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old or not this is really kickass the gang actually killed the cops and during all this shooting he could still hear his music from the crushed car
02-14-2008 08:31 PM
edgeid Member

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thats awesome. i wonder wat song was playing???
02-14-2008 10:23 PM
edgeid Member

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"wow, that is really old.

I remember reading that in a R* Preview a LONG time ago. "

It's from -

It was posted on Thursday 14-Feb-2008 9:20 AM.

Care to explain how you read this a long time ago?
02-15-2008 12:26 AM
edgeid Member

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Ya, I don't quite remember where, I believe it was in an exclusive magazine preview.

I am not trying to mess with you guys, I did already read this at least a week ago...
02-15-2008 10:57 AM

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