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New wave of GTA IV previews and screenshots

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 11:30 AM MDT | By Neil

Rockstar Games recently provided members of the media with another preview of Grand Theft Auto IV. A number of websites and magazines attended the demonstrations at the company's offices and today the embargo covering these previews was lifted. Ten new screenshots accompany the previews.

New information about the game has appeared on IGN UK, IGN USA, Computer and Video Games, GamesRadar, Kikizo, Team Xbox, GamePro, Gamespot, and As usual, the most in depth preview comes from Kikizo with their 8-page preview including every detail they had time to note down during the 90 minute hands off presentation.

  • When questioned, Rockstar Games confirmed that the previously speculated game map is an accurate representation of the new Liberty City.
  • Kikizo expanded on this map by providing a more complete representation from memory.
  • Traveling by boat, it took five minutes to get half way around Algonquin island.
  • The demo featured the Statue of Happiness, Poop Deck Restaurant and a bar called Perestroika, an indication of the heavy Eastern European presence in the city.
  • Streets which made an appearance included Long Road, Oneida Avenue, South Parkway and Lorimar Street. The city also features a representation of New York's Koreatown.
  • Francis International Airport appeared in GTA III and reprises its role, this time being based on JFK in New York.
  • Time advances in the game slower than in previous titles. 2 minutes of real time now represents one hour of game time. (Previously it was 1 minute = 1 hour).
  • A subway system, (usable by Niko) is known to cover at least Algonquin and Broker.
  • The Statue of Happiness appears on its own island beneath the Broker Bridge
  • Earlier reports of snow in the game are false - it does not include any season changes at all.

  • NaturalMotion's Euphoria Engine was previously confirmed as powering physics in GTA IV. The technology is said to give "lean and weight" to Niko's footsteps.
  • The game is now automatically saved on mission completion although safehouses are still available.
  • Some missions are scripted multiple times, meaning that dialogue between characters can vary if you reattempt a mission.

  • An indicator made up of eight purple segments now appears when locked on to a target to represent their health.
  • Locking on now targets the torso of a character with a headshot being possible by manipulating the crosshair while locked on.
  • Niko can get drunk and his movement, driving and actions will be impaired. Driving while under the influence of alcohol will be realistically difficult.
  • After grabbing on to a truck and climbing to the roof, a mini game is started where you have to maintain your balance atop the vehicle.
  • A cover system has been implemented that allows you to either pull out from behind the object or stay covered and fire blindly.
  • Some objects which you can use for cover are destructible, meaning that finding a safe place to hide from enemies can be challenging.
  • A much more complete "wanted" system involving the radar showing your crime's location and your last known whereabouts enhances the chase experience.

  • A significant new feature is dynamic relationships. The way you treat other characters, such as returning their calls promptly or collecting them at the correct time will affect their behavior towards you. No-showing for an arranged meeting will damage your relationship with a character.
  • Relationships can be built by engaging in activities like billiards, darts and bowling with your associates.
  • Characters are seen wearing different clothes during different appearances.
  • Playboy X is one of Liberty's more wealthy residents and lives in a mansion.
  • A character named Bell is introduced who has a nephew called Frankie

  • Different cars have different navigation systems. More expensive cars include GPS which talks the player through the streets.
  • You are now required to break the window of a vehicle to perform shootings while driving.
  • The shooting while driving mechanic has improved and you can now shoot in any direction around the vehicle using both analog sticks.
  • Police vehicles now include an extensive GPS and database system. You can enter the name of a criminal to find out their whereabouts and the game will guide you to them.
  • An in-car view has been added, meaning that vehicle models now have detailed interiors.

  • A new mission complete jingle is included.
  • A new radio station called IF99 is broadcasting in Liberty City.
  • You can now listen to the radio outside of the car via your cellphone, although audio quality will be realistically reduced.
  • If you're in a car listening to the radio when your cell phone rings, the radio will be interrupted by the infamous "clicking" of interference.
  • The voice actor list is shrouded in secrecy, with some members of the game team even being in the dark as to its contents.
  • A "couple of famous actors" will lend their voices to characters.

See all ten new screenshots in our gallery!

GTA IV still has no firm release date yet but the media will receive one further preview of the game in around one month's time. Previous reports have indicated that the game will ship in the final week of April and Rockstar did not rule this out during their presentation. GamePro claims that the game's online multiplayer mode will be revealed in "mid February to early March".
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edgeid Member

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Music on foot OH YES, they have been listening to us!
01-23-2008 11:47 AM
edgeid Member

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Voice-prompted nav systems, MP3 player, hopefully user track support.

The full QWERTY keyboard in the police car is an interesting detail. Could this be a way to enter cheat codes?
01-23-2008 12:29 PM
edgeid Member

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im loving the detail being put into this game...the cell phone interference on the radio sounds great! If I had a dollar for every time ive heared that noise...
01-23-2008 03:46 PM
edgeid Member

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Lovely jubbly.
I read the Kikizo preview because you guys recomended it and got really exciting while reading lol except I stopped because it said the last part of the preview was from near the end of the game missions and I didn't want to spoil anything.

This seems like a great summary.

Oh and one more thing: No-one is mentioning the PS3 version yet :/
I hope it won't be delayed.

I am not worried that Rockstar will do a crappy version on the PS3 (like most lazy devs) but I AM worried in order to get it working perfectly it might have to be delayed :(

Oh well.

Thanks for the summary.

EDIT: Phew, both versions coming the same time.

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01-24-2008 06:39 AM

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