Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Weapons

Pistols are not the most powerful of guns, but they get the job done. They cost the least, and they are the easiest to obtain. Beating up a police officer or gang member on the side of the road will usually get you a regular pistol to use, while you will probably have to buy the rest.


This is the same pistol that police officers carry, and it is probably the gun that you will see the most of. It is the cheapest gun to purchase, and the most abundant throughout the game. Most gang members will be carrying this gun as well. It may take a couple shots at your enemy to take them out, but for the cost, this pistol is worth keeping in your arsenal.


As the best pistol that you can get your hands on, the .357 is your ideal, light-weight weapon. Although it's small and hard to handle, it packs a real punch - able to take out your victims with just one shot from a far distance. You'll have to purchase this one for a hefty sum, but you'll soon find out that it's worth every penny.

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