Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Walkthrough
LOCATION: After doing missions for Salvatore Leone she appears on the map around the middle of Portland in Saint Mark's. Marked with a big M.

Shop 'Till You Strop

UNLOCKED WHEN: Salvatore Leone mission "Frighteners" has been completed.

Just a simple introductory mission for you to do here. When you arrive at Maria's house she'll say that she wants to go shopping, which is fine. Find yourself a vehicle and get on it. Drive to the shop marked with a yellow icon on your radar. When you stop there she'll go in, and an alarm will sound. Your job now is to shake off a one star wanted level, nothing too difficult at all. After this she's still not tired of her crime spree, so it's off to another store. When she comes out this time it's no joke, and the wanted level has increased to three stars. There's no need to stop and the Pay-n- Spray, your only goal in this mission is to get back to Maria's house and park out in front of it without being wasted or busted by the cops. Reward is $100.

Taken For a Ride

UNLOCKED WHEN: The Maria mission "Shop Till you Strop" has been completed.

Maria needs to make a visit to her drug dealers, they're location is marked on your radar so find yourself a vehicle and get Maria over there now. When you stop on the marker behind the other car there will be a short scene, and your new mission becomes very clear. You have to rescue Maria from the Sindaccos and keep them from getting away at all costs. The car is located on your radar in case it goes out of sight, but that won't help you if it gets too far away. Use whatever vehicle you are driving to catch up and ram the Sindacco car with Maria inside. Eventually once it has taken enough damage, two Sindacco gang members will get out of the car and start to shoot at you. All you have to do is run them both over and then Maria will get back into your car. Take Maria home and watch the quick scene when you arrive to get $500.

Booby Prize

UNLOCKED WHEN: The Maria mission "Taken for a Ride" has been completed.

Another checkpoint race awaits you with this mission, and Maria has put herself up as the first prize. Unlike the previous race however, you must find yourself a motorcycle. It's no competition which one is the best, the PCJ-600 is the fastest (by far) motorcycle around. If you can't find one on the streets then it's well worth the trip to Salvatore's Mansion to get the one out front. Make your way to the start of the race and get ready.

This is a two lap race so you'll go through all the checkpoints throughout the city once, and then a second time. It's more difficult now since you can fall off your motorcycle but don't fret, when I took first place I actually fell off a total of three times during the race, twice in the second lap. When coming up on turns I recommend going at top speed and then braking at the last possible second holding both the square and R buttons at once to really jam on the brakes. Follow all of the checkpoints and hit the finish line first in order to win the race. With that, you finish the mission. No cash reward.

Biker Heat

UNLOCKED WHEN: The Maria mission "Booby Prize" has been completed.

Maria's boyfriend isn't such a nice guy after all, so it's your job to go and rough him up (and by rough him up, I mean murder him). You'll find him in Chinatown past those short barriers so you'll need to dump the car if you're driving one. When you arrive there is a short scene and then Wayne takes off on his bike. What you need to do is grab the nearby submachine gun, kill the two guys who are left behind and then nab a bike and chase after Wayne.

While on a motorcycle not only can you perform drive-bys while aiming left and right, you can also shoot forward over the front of the motorcycle with the circle button, this will come in handy. Chase him down while firing your gun (he goes extremely fast.) If you can't manage to kill him while chasing him all over the city, he'll eventually end up back in Chinatown again and get off the motorcycle. At that point you can easily pop his ass. If you happen to lose him during the chase then you fail the mission. The reward is $1500.

Overdose of Trouble

UNLOCKED WHEN: The Maria mission "Biker Heat" has been completed.

Arriving at Maria's house you'll find that she has taken a heavy overdose of all kinds of crazy drugs, and you need to get her some "zap" to deal with it. She thinks she left the zap over at the diner by the park, so get yourself a vehicle and head there now. Maria can't really walk so you'll have to get the vehicle and bring it to her. When you arrive at the diner of course, she changes her mind about it being there, but not before Wayne's gang remember that guy you killed last mission?) sees you. From this point on the gang is going to be chasing you down, shooting at your car and whatnot.

When you arrive at the new location Maria told you about, it turns out to be wrong too, the whole time her "zap" was back at the apartment. Turn around while still avoiding the biker gang and make your way back there. When you stop on the yellow marker in front of the apartment, the TRUE location changes to Salvatore's mansion. Fortunately it's not very far from here. Drive up the long driveway and park on the yellow marker to complete the mission. Maria's missions are now done and there aren't any other missions available. In cases like these it's best to get out of your vehicle and just stand around, you'll inevitably get a cell phone call from someone. Salvatore Leone will phone you, saying he's got some more work to do. Head on to his place when you're ready for the next mission (up in Salvatore section of the guide.)

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