Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Walkthrough
LOCATION: He's at his mansion, the same one where you start at the very beginning of the game in Portland Beach. Marked with a big S.

The Offer

UNLOCKED WHEN: The JD mission "Don in 60 Seconds" has been completed.

Salvatore's first mission has you heading off to the Portland Docks. You can take the vehicle you used to get here, however you might want to note that there is a PCJ-600 super motorcycle parked in his driveway, I find that to be a more stylish way to travel. When you arrive at the docks, stop on the yellow marker and watch the scene. This mission is short, but not easy. What happens is a number of thugs start to attack you, and there are dozens of others scattered around the docks here. Your only goal is to reach the street without being killed. Don't bother trying to fight back. Maybe if you have a submachine gun or a lot of ammo for any gun it might work, but personally I was running low so I had to just run for it. The best thing to do is run in a southwestern direction (check your map to see where you're moving.) Now this is very important, DO NOT SPRINT THE WHOLE WAY. Run at normal speed and sprint when you think you're in danger, but you need to save your sprinting power for near the end when you're running between the buildings toward the other thugs. These guys throw molotov cocktails and a mere two of them will kill you. While sprinting you should be able to avoid them, so make sure to save it for that point. Run out onto the road to victory and $500.

Ho Selecta!

UNLOCKED WHEN: Salvatore Leone mission "The Offer" has been completed.

Since talking to the union boss didn't quite work out last time, we'll have to deal with the workers directly. Nothing makes a group of striking workers happier than a delivery of prostitutes, at least according to this game, so let's get to work. You've got a strict time limit here, it will tell you what that time is at the beginning of the mission. You have to pick up a total of six hookers and bring them to the picket line before the time runs out. The hookers are marked on the radar with a blue icon, and there are a lot more than six of them so take your pick. You'll need a four door car to make it in time (collect three hookers, drop them off, collect three more, drop them off for a total of six.) I would recommend you just take the black car that is parked in Salvatore Leone's driveway, it will seat six people comfortably.

Drive it to the first and nearest blue icon on your radar. There are two situations you will face when approaching a hooker. She may be wandering the street minding her own business, in which case you can just pick her up. The other case is that she will be busy in the car with a customer. When this happens you have to ram the car to scare the guy out, and then run over him in order to get the prostitute to get in your car. Go around and find three of them, then drop them off and repeat the process. If you drop off a total of six prostitutes before the mission timer is up, you'll be rewarded $500.


UNLOCKED WHEN: Salvatore Leone mission "Ho Selecta!" has been completed.

The mission is to scare a few of the union bosses straight. There are three of them located around the city, and they are marked as red icons on your radar. Get yourself a decent car and drive to any of the locations. Basically all you want to do is smash into their car until they get out. At that point you can get out of your car as well and rough them up (with your bare knuckles) until the red arrow disappears and they apologize. One of them will come at you with a pistol, I decided to run him down with the car and everything seemed okay, though I still recommend you try to beat them within an inch of their lives rather than killing them. Once all three of the union bosses have been scared you'll be rewarded with $1000 for your trouble. Soon after this mission ends you may receive a call from a girl named Maria. She's got some things that she wants you to do for her. Her name appears on your radar screen marked with an M. We're not done with Salvatore Leone yet though.

Rollercoaster Ride

UNLOCKED WHEN: Salvatore Leone mission "Frighteners" has been completed.

The first part of this mission is to get on over to the radio station before the time on the clock hits the specified deadline. Just grab the PCJ-600 that is parked out front of the house and be off on your way. When you arrive at the radio station there is a stretch limo waiting out front, with the chauffeur standing beside it. Kill the chauffeur any way you please and you'll automatically dispose of his body and change into the uniform. When the scene is over and the lady walks out, you'll be waiting in the limo for her.

This is a scare mission, meaning you have to scare the crap out of your passenger until she'll do what you say. In order to accomplish this you need to combine speed, crashing and air time to get that meter on the side all the way up to the top. Air time is by far the best way to raise it up, so your primary destination should be that car crushing area north of the auto lot. Don't just drive there and drive around, drive toward it really fast and launch of edges, jumps, hills, you name it to get her scared. When she's finally scared out of her wits she'll agree to go to the picket lines. A new yellow icon appears on your radar, all you have to do is drive the limo there and park it on the yellow marker to end the mission and net yourself $1000. That's the last mission you can do now for Salvatore Leone, it's on to Maria.


UNLOCKED WHEN: The Maria mission "Overdose of Trouble" has been completed.

There's a shipment coming in down at the Portland Docks. You don't want to go there by yourself of course so grab a four door vehicle (like the one parked out front of Salvatore's place) and take off. There are three blue icons on your radar, each one of them shows the location of a hired goon, just pull up beside them and they'll get in your car. Once you've got all three of them with you, then you can make your way down to the Portland Docks.

Park on the yellow marker and watch the scene that occurs here. Of course it turns out to be a police trap, and there's gunfire going off everywhere. Like a true lowlife, forget about the lives of your hired goons entirely and just worry about yourself. I wouldn't recommend trying to shoot your way out of this one, you're only likely to increase your wanted level which is high enough already at three. What you should do is turn around and grab the nearby body armour, then jump into the Patriot (large vehicle with the arrow above it) and drive off. Remember this is the drug car so if you destroy it, you fail the mission. You must get this vehicle to the Pay-n-Spray as quickly as possible. Once it's been sprayed then it's not too difficult to just drive it up and park it in Salvatore's lockup garage. For doing this you'll be rewarded with $1000. This is just an individual mission for Salvatore, his icon disappears after this. Wait for a moment or so and the cell phone will ring. It's your old pal JD and he says he's got some new work for you.

Sindacco Sabotage

UNLOCKED WHEN: Vincenzo mission "The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade" complete.

This one is a real bloodbath, but a lot of fun too. Get the submachine gun and the body armour out of Salvatore's Garage before you go anywhere, then jump onto the PCJ-600 and head off toward the gang war. When you arrive you'll find the Leone's doing battle with the Diablos. There are lots of items to pick up in this area, health pickups, body armour, you name it so the chances of actually being killed are fairly low unless you run right up to an enemy. Equip the submachine gun and start firing like crazy at all the Diablos. They'll be coming from just about every direction so you'll need to constantly be moving in order to keep up with them. The Leone gang members will help out a bit, but not much. This is pretty much a one man show. Keep an eye on the health bars of both the Leone's and the Diablos. It's your job to make sure the Diablos bar drains first. Once you've killed enough enemies there's a quick cell phone call and the mission is complete, netting you $1500.

The Trouble With Triads

UNLOCKED WHEN: Salvatore mission "Sindacco Sabotage" has been completed.

Salvatore doesn't trust anyone but you to pick up his money, so now it's your job to get to the warehouse. The warehouse is located ways down on the south side of town in Triad territory. Drive up to the yellow marker out front of the gate and there will be a quick scene. Inside you suddenly find yourself facing off against over a dozen Triads. If you don't have a weapon you can turn around and check back near the gate again, there should be a handgun there. Your goal is to kill all of the enemies in the area and grab the cash.

Enemies are indicated with a red arrow above their heads while cash is indicated by a green arrow. The whole warehouse wreckage is on fire and if you run through any fire, it will almost certainly burn you to death. The most important thing is to avoid the fire at all costs, avoiding bullets is second only to that. Run around the areas grabbing the cash and using the green dots on your map to see where the cash is located. When all of it has been picked up then grab yourself some kind of vehicle and head off back to Salvatore's. When you arrive there the mission ends and you get $1500.

Driving Mr. Leone

UNLOCKED WHEN: The Salvatore mission "The Trouble With Triads" is complete.

Salvatore Leone is completely and utterly paranoid about everything, he decides that it's time to just get out of there. Your job in this mission is to drive him to the ferry. Get him to follow you into a car, you're not going to want a motorcycle for this one. Get yourself and Mr. Leone to the position located on the map. When you arrive there and drive through the yellow marker, suddenly your wanted level will increase to three stars.

With this, Salvatore tells you to get instead to the bridge on the other side of town. Turn around and gun it toward that end with Salvatore in the back. When you reach the bridge quickly turn up the first road and hit the enormous jump along the way. This will take you across and land you on the newly built road into Staunton Island, an entirely new area of the city unlocked now. Before you can go exploring however you'll just need to drop off Mr. Leone at the destination. This also happens to be your new safe house for this part of the city, so get to know it well. When you drop him off you'll be rewarded with $4000 as the mission is now complete. Enter your new house and save the game there. You'll get a cell phone call from Salvatore saying to listen for a nearby payphone. That is where you will get missions from him. When you're ready to continue with Salvatore missions, look for the Salvatore section of the guide under the Staunton Island heading, rather than below this one.

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