Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Walkthrough
LOCATION: You'll find Ma Cipriani after she calls you in the Saint Mark's area relatively close to your house. It's a big C on the radar.

Snappy Dresser

UNLOCKED WHEN: The Vincenzo mission "Hot Wheels" has been completed.

You've got to show your mother that the man she thinks is a better son than you, is actually no damn good, and you're going to need your camera to do it. The camera is located back at your safe house which is fortunately only a couple of blocks from here. Head there now and pick it up. Once you have the camera in your inventory, leave your safe house and find a vehicle. Drive over to Casa's Deli which is indicated on your little minimap.

When you arrive there you'll see Casa, taking a little break to go and pick up a couple of prostitutes. Follow him in your car but don't get too close. Unfortunately he doesn't appear on the radar so you have to stay close enough to see where he's going, and far enough not to spook him. When you start getting too close you'll get a little warning message each time, don't be too spooked by it, just let off the gas and keep your distance. He'll pick up a couple of prostitutes and then be off again, you still need to stick behind him and keep your distance. Eventually he'll lead you around a large curve and then turn off down a dirt road. At this point it is VERY EASY to get too close. Don't follow him down there immediately, stay on the road and wait for a few seconds before slowly driving in. A scene should take over from here.

After the scene you need to get out of your car and photograph this guy wearing a diaper, chasing around some hookers. The "don't get too close" factor still applies equally here, and since there are so many trees it can be hard to get a good photograph. I find the best thing to do is stay far away from him, but run toward the concrete wall overlooking the water. From here there should be a clear view toward the guy (who is indicated in red on your radar.) Equip the camera with the left and right D-Pad buttons and hold the R trigger to aim in. Hold square to zoom in and X to zoom out. Zoom in and get yourself a nice picture. Once you've got it then you've pretty much passed, all you have to do is bring it back to your mother to get $100.

Big Rumble in Little China

UNLOCKED WHEN: The Ma Cipriani mission "Snappy Dresser" has been completed.

After starting this mission a couple of red icons will appear on your radar. These are Triads, your mortal enemy! Basically one of the icons is a group of Triads standing around, and the other is a Triad fish truck. Both of them need to be taught a lesson, but we'll go for the truck first. It's a lot easier to find the truck anyway since it's impossible to reach the group of people in a car (there's a barrier forcing you to get out and walk.) Find yourself a fast but sturdy vehicle (okay, any vehicle will do pretty much except a motorcycle) and drive to the indicator. When you find the truck start ramming into it as hard as you can. There are a ton of boxes in the back of the truck that will fall out and slow you down as you run over them. For this reason it's better to stick to the side of the truck rather than behind it, ram it from the side when it goes around a corner or something.

Eventually once you've done enough damage to the truck, the Triads will get out and the truck will set on fire. Make sure you get a good distance away from it before it explodes. After that just run over any Triads who may have survived and if you don't have any firearms, collect one of their pistols. Next you need to reach the other Triads. Park beside the poles blocking you from heading down the road and take off on foot. You'll find a butcher's cleaver here but the pistol is a much better weapon. Keep your distance from the ground so they don't notice you, then target with the R trigger and begin picking them off one by one. When all area dead then the mission is passed.

Grease Sucho

UNLOCKED WHEN: Ma Cipriani mission "Big Rumble in Little China" is complete.

In order to prove your worth to your mother, you need to race against a man named Sucho who just so happens to have a really fancy car. This will be your first checkpoint race of the game. Basically what a checkpoint race is, is a race around the city through a number of predetermined locations marked on your map. You need to find yourself a car and get to the start line indicated on the radar. The car you choose is up to you. I beat it on the first try with a Kuruma, which is a pretty crappy normal family car, so if you find something better you'll probably manage even easier. I don't think that motorcycles are allowed in the race, otherwise a PCJ-600 would easily win.

When the race begins, you and the three other competitors are set off toward the first checkpoint (marked as a bright yellow icon on your radar, and a large yellow light pillar on the screen.) You don't have to pass through the light pillar exactly, but you do have to at least get close to it. Inside the light pillars is an arrow which tells you where to go next, so you would see an arrow pointing right if it meant you should turn right at that intersection. Also note that on your radar, icons that are dark yellow are "future checkpoints" that will be coming up after the current one, so you can prepare in advance. I'll outline a few tips for winning these races.

For the most part, these cars have much better handling skills and cornering skills that you do, and you're much more likely to get fishtailed than they are. For this reason your best chance at getting ahead comes on long straight paths, make sure you take full advantage of these opportunities. Also when you're behind another car and have to go around a corner, rather than slowing down try turning at full speed and ramming the car as you turn. Hopefully that will slow you down enough to make the turn, as well as knock the other car out of the way. It's a single lap that will eventually end up back at the location where you started. Just before the finish there is a long straight path so even if you're a bit behind, don't give up until it's over.

Upon winning the race that still doesn't quite take care of everything. You've humiliated Sucho, but that doesn't seem to be enough, now you've got to kill him. His fancy car is indicated on your radar, chase him down and ram the car until Sucho gets out. At that point simply run him over and then the mission is complete. For doing this you are rewarded with $1000.

Dead Meat

UNLOCKED WHEN: The Ma Cipriani mission "Grease Sucho" has been completed.

Remember the guy you photographed running around in a diaper? Well you've got to head back there again but this time with a different agenda. Get yourself any vehicle and drive it on over to Casa's place. Park it out front and offer to take the man for a ride. Your destination is going to be the sawmill on the south side of Portland. Drive the car there and stop at the yellow marker out front. When the gate opens drive it around back and park on the marker.

There's a scene here and then soon you'll find yourself inside the building with only an axe equipped, and Casa running for his life. The goal is to prevent him from escaping but I've had him running around this room for an extremely long time and as far as I can tell, he doesn't have any way of escaping. Since you don't have a gun you'll need to use the axe to take him out, but it's difficult since he keeps running. There are two ways to do this. You can wait until he stops and see what direction he's facing, and then sneak up behind him and axe him in the back (this is what the game recommends.) I found it easier to just run toward him and as you get close, start sprinting and tapping the circle button. Regardless of how you do it, don't bother targeting with the R trigger, it will just slow you down.

After about three hits the man is dead, and the cops arrive to bust your ass. Jump into the vehicle parked beside you and drive to the nearest Pay-n-Spray. You need to get the vehicle repaired and repainted so that the cops won't recognize it. With that taken care of your final goal is to drive it back to the deli, and show the kid there a new type of meat on the menu to get $500.

No Son of Mine

UNLOCKED WHEN: The Ma Cipriani mission "Dead Meat" has been completed.

You have here another extremely difficult mission. There is now a hit out on your life so all sorts of hitmen are coming after you right here at Ma's place. Start off the mission by picking up the shotgun right in front of you and blasting the guy on the stairs. Run down the stairs to the bottom and begin targeting the three other hitmen here. When you hold the R trigger and a whole bunch of people are around it will automatically target the most "dangerous" person like the hitmen for example, or gang members.

The first four hitmen are nothing to be worried about, simply kill them using the Shotgun. Before the second wave arrives you should note there is a full recovery heart at the bottom of the stairs (it may be a good idea to save this for later) and beside it is a submachine gun. When the second wave of enemies arrive they are more or less the same as the first wave. A few shotgun blasts are more than they are willing to take, and they'll go down easily.

The third wave is where it starts to get hard, these enemies have submachine guns. Equip either the shotgun or your submachine gun and stand at the bottom of the stairs. The instant they jump out of the car, target one of them and fire, then tap left or right on the D-Pad to target another and fire. Keep doing this over and over until all four of them are dead. The fourth wave of enemies is without a doubt, what makes this mission so dreadfully difficult.

The fourth wave is similar to the third wave, however they are equipped with more powerful submachine guns that shoot faster, and basically if you try to stand out in the open, you'll be dead before you can finish them all off, even with full health. There are a couple of strategies you can try here. The first is waiting at the top of the stairs for them to come up, but even one at a time their powerful guns can overwhelm you. Personally my strategy ended up working quite well, you might want to give it a try. What I did was get into one of the black cars after the third wave of enemies and wait for the fourth wave to show up. When they did I drive up to them while they shot at the car and tried to run over at least two of them standing beside the car. They will continue to shoot until the car sets on fire. At that point you need to jump out quickly and run like hell. You should be able to avoid the explosion but the enemies won't, and the exploding cars will take out the final wave of gang members. There's no reward for this mission, and obviously you won't be doing any more work for Ma Cipriani. It's finally on to Salvatore Leone.

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