Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Walkthrough
LOCATION: In the Red Light District in Portland, it's a porno club around the centre, same as Luigi's from GTA3. Marked on the radar with a J.

Bone Voyeur!

UNLOCKED WHEN: Vincenzo mission "Snuff" has been completed.

As I mentioned in the description, those who played GTA3 will remember going here right off the bat, it's Luigi's place. This time however you've got a fat guy in a gimp suit giving you orders, things have changed. The mission is to get into JD's van and drive around the Red Light District, collecting money from prostitutes. There are no indicators on your radar, basically all you're doing is driving around the neighborhood until JD spots one of his hookers and tells you to pull over. At that point the hooker will give him an amount of money which will be subtracted from the $700 dollars that he is owed.

The catch is that you only have a certain amount of time to collect the money, so make sure you keep your eye on the clock. The majority of hookers are just standing on the sidewalk however there are a couple of complications. Sometimes one of them will be "busy" with a customer in a car in an alley. Drive up behind the car and she'll get out to give you the money. The other complication is when another pimp tries to steal someof the hooker's money. In those situations you have to run him down and collect your due from his corpse (get out of the van and pick it up yourself. Once this task is complete then just drive the van back to JD's to get a $500 reward.

Don in 60 Seconds

UNLOCKED WHEN: JD mission "Bone Voyeur!" has been completed.

Right at the very beginning of this mission there is a car in front of you that you need to get into before the cops can bust you. Salvatore Leone is in this car and it is of the utmost importance that you get him out of there safely. First of all you have a two start wanted level, meaning you're going to have to make a quick stop at the nearby Pay-n-Spray. Once you have done that, then all that remains is to get the Don home again. His hourse of course, is the large mansion where you started at the beginning of the game.

Finishing this mission unlocks a couple of things. You can now take part in Salvatore Leone's missions (marked with an S at his house) since Vincenzo is now a little below you. Second of all, the Ammu-Nation now stocks the Micro SMG gun that you were unable to purchase before, you might want to check it out. Since there are still more JD missions to do, let's stick with those.

A Volatile Situation

UNLOCKED WHEN: JD mission "Don in 60 Seconds" has been completed.

There's a reason the previous mission unlocked the Micro SMG at the Ammu- Nation, and that is because this is the first difficult mission of the game. Basically what you have to do in a nutshell is protect a casino from being blown up, but the Sindaccos are quite persistent, and it's going to a lot harder than you think. After speaking to JD, get yourself a car and drive on over to Ammu-Nation. Grab at least one Micro SMG but I'd say go for two. One quick note about buying guns here. The circle button is the "quit buying" button and it's also the fire button, so accidentally shooting the shopkeeper and then being killed by him in response happens... more than it should.

Take your powerful arsenal and head over to the casino. When you arrive there is a short scene and then a red indicator appears on your radar. There are more than a couple ways to take on this mission, so I'll cover them as well as I can. You're trying to prevent the people in the car (the red indicator) from reaching the casino and setting the bomb. You can chase after them now to get them early, but you risk screwing up and if they get past you, nothing will stop them. With that option less preferable you can either wait by the casino on foot or wait in a car. I prefer to wait by the casino in a car (or better yet a motorcycle) for the people to show up. At that point you can both run them over and perform drive-by shootings with the Micro SMG (drive- bys are performed by holding the L trigger and pushing left or right on the analog nub then firing. You must use a submachine gun to do this.)

When the gang members arrive they will not just try to kill you, at least one of them will only concentrate on trying to reach the entrance and setting the bomb. If you see a gang member crouched by the door it means you only have a few seconds to kill him before the bomb is set. Fortunately, one bomb can be placed and it won't quite destroy the casino, it's only when the second bomb is placed that you fail the mission. There are three waves of gang members, the first two in normal cars and the third wave in a Patriot (Hummer.)

If you manage to hold off the gang members for at least two out of the three times, there is one final part of this mission. A truck rigged with a large explosive will come out of nowhere headed for the casino. You may be able to hunt down the truck and destroy it with drive-by shootings, but that's pretty risky. There's an easier way to do it. Wait by the casino until the truck appears and make sure you're close to it. When they park the truck the timer is set and the truck is abandoned. At that point you have twenty seconds to climb into the truck, drive it forward for a good five seconds or so, and then once the blue bar reaches full you're safe to jump out and run for your life. Twenty seconds doesn't sound like much but it's more than enough to just move it a couple of metres. When the mission is over, you're rewarded $1000.

Blow Up "Dolls"

UNLOCKED WHEN: JD mission "A Volatile Situation" has been completed.

The mission is to blow up the competition and make things easier for JD. To do so you have to find yourself a vehicle and get it fitted with a bomb, then park the vehicle outside the place. Sounds easy enough. Since the Dolls will only trust Sondacco vehicles you'll need to find one for yourself. Sindacco vehicles are pretty common. They are compact white cars (similar to the Blista Compact if you remember that but slightly longer) with a low roof and three windows on the side (rather than two.) In my case and likely a default for the mission, there was one parked on the sidewalk just out front of JD's club waiting for you to pick it up. Bag the vehicle and head over to 8-Ball's.

8-Ball's bomb shop is on the north side of Portland, around behind the used auto lot. Drive into the garage with the car and it will be automatically fitted with a bomb. Once there is a bomb in the car you have to drive carefully in order to avoid accidentally setting it off. A damage meter appears on the side of the screen showing how close it is to blowing up. Drive the car to the indicator on your radar. When you arrive there a bunch of Sindocco guys will let you pass through. Wait for them to move out of the way and then park your car in the garage where you see the large yellow marker. When you get out of the vehicle the gang members will start attack attack you. Just ignore them completely and run out onto the street. When the game tells you, hit the circle button to blow the place up. You'll get a cool $1500 for finishing this mission, and with that, you're done with JD. Ma Cipriani and Salvatore Leone remain on your radar if you've been following the walkthrough, why don't we head next to see what Ma Cipriani is up to.

Salvatore's Salvation

UNLOCKED WHEN: The Salvatore Leone mission "Contra-Banned" has been completed.

Salvatore has been kidnapped from JD's club and he's really going to get it if you can't rescue him. Luckily the kidnapper is just leaving the area and JD catches a glimpse. Find a car quickly and begin to tail the driver from a distance. This time he appears on the radar so you should be able to keep a good distance without losing him, though you don't have to travel very far. Soon enough the car will pull into the garage and your objective changes.

The car is going to be crushed with Salvatore inside of it, your job is to stop the car, kill the occupants and save Salvatore. The car moves slowly at first but moves quickly once it spots you, make sure that you're first attempt to ram into the car is a good one. Keep ramming into it without letting the car get away and eventually the people inside of the car will get out and start firing. Your car won't last very long against a barrage of bullets, make sure that if it is going to explode, you drive it out of the way and dive out so the blast doesn't kill Salvatore. Kill the people inside the car and then hop into it yourself. You need to drive the car back to Salvatore's mansion and park it in his driveway for a scene and a $1500 reward.

The Guns of Leone

UNLOCKED WHEN: The JD mission "Salvatore's Salvation" has been completed.

Your mission is to protect Salvatore from a distance. JD has left you a sniper rifle, you'll find it on the roof of the building across the street. There's an alley around behind the building and when you get back there you'll find a staircase you can climb. Pick up the sniper rifle at the top and get yourself a good vantage point before he arrives. By "good vantage point" they actually mean a specific vantage point, around on the other side of the structure on the roof here you'll find a yellow marker to stand on.

Salvatore and his gang of thugs will arrive and meet face to face with the Sindaccos. Your job is to pick them off from up here on the roof. The analog nub on the PSP isn't the most accurate thing in the world, but when zooming in all the way with the square button, it's more than enough to pick off all the enemies at a reasonable speed, and the game is pretty forgiving. They'll pop out of alleys, streets, vans, you name it. Keep taking them out until Salvatore and his ground reach the corner, at which point I would recommend you move down to the ground. Still keep your distance but keep taking out all the gang members which appear as well as the cops too. Your wanted level will go up, but that's no matter. After the cops have been killed Salvatore runs into the club and the mission ends, you get $3000.

Calm Before the Storm

UNLOCKED WHEN: The JD mission "The Guns of Leone" has been completed.

There may be a rat amongst the ranks, you need to follow Massimo to see what he's up to. The catch is that his chopper is leaving from Salvatore's place is just over an hour, and you're way on the other side of town. Grab yourself a vehicle and shove off. I would highly recommend you make a quick stop over at Ammu-Nation along the way, this is one mission you're going to need guns for. Lots of guns. Grab a couple of Micro SMGs and head up to Salvatore's.

When the helicopter takes off, abandon whatever vehicle you took to get here and jump onto the PCJ-600. Your objective is to follow the chopper wherever it goes. Don't worry, the chopper doesn't move too fast. It'll make one stop first at a fenced in area, all you have to do is stay close and the scene will take over automatically. With that out of the way you're back to following the chopper again. Follow it closely here, it will eventually move over the roof of a building and land. You need to be close by or you will fail the mission. After it lands then yet another cutscene will trigger.

There is an area in the middle of this building where you'll find a staircase leading to the roof. Listen in to what's going up there until one of the gang members spots you. This would be a good time to whip out that Micro SMG I told you to buy. Kill all of the Triads up on the roof here. When you’ve done that you might want to run around to the opposite side. Where all the Triads were there is a drug icon that might come in handy (while on drugs it's like a temporary bullet time where you slow down, but the enemies slow down a lot more.) Run back to the stairs where you came up and run down them. Be ready to kill a few more Triads at the bottom. If you're running low on health you can find a heart icon behind the stairs. Gradually make your way out of the area, looking at the radar for any remaining Triads. Once all of them have been killed the mission automatically ends and you get $1000.

The Made Man

UNLOCKED WHEN: The JD mission "Calm Before the Storm" has been completed.

JD has become a made man, so honour him by driving him to the ceremony. Along the way you'll be attack by a few Sindacco gang members. Crash into their car and get them to hop out, then you can easily just run them over. The little "ceremony" actually takes place at the car crusher. When you part in front of it, a scene will occur. Afterward you get a new objective, drop the guy off at his house and then dump the car. There are a few problems however, since there is now a body in the front seat, the cops are going to come after you even if you get the car painted. Just ignore them (since it's only a two start wanted level) and make your way to the guy's house. Once you've dropped him off all you need to do is find a beach or something, like the one behind Salvatore's house (I don't recommend the docks since there is a low wall around the edge everywhere.) Get to the beach, drive toward the water, and hit the triangle button to dive out of the car. When the car sinks the mission ends and you get $1500. Since JD's missions are over (for good) you'll get a call from Vincenzo again. He's now the only guy on the map.

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