Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Walkthrough

The game begins with a cutscene sequence starring the main character Toni Cipriani. When the scene is over and you have control, fans of the series will obviously first notice the familiar location and overall visual feel of Grand Theft Auto 3. This game does extremely well to bring back that feeling and offer something new in the process. There should be a car beside you with a blue arrow floating overhead, you must get in this vehicale and take your passenger to his destination. Nothing too complicated. Press the traingle button to enter the vehicle. Once you are in the car, you can drive with the X button, reverse and brake with the square button, and use the handbrake (for skids) with the R trigger. Radio stations can be changed by pressing either left or right on the D-pad. You may have heard that this game supports custom soundtracks by importing MP3s from the memory stick. You are correct, however that feature is not available to you right away. Just have patience.

Drive Vincenzo to the safehouse is your primary goal. On your minimap you will see a yellow icon, either a square or a triangle. Square icons mean that the target is at approximately the same height (altitude) as you. A triangle icon means the target is either above or below your current location. While driving and walking you can control with the analog stick. In the controls menu this can be swapped for the D-pad if you wish. Unfortunately, driving with the D-pad and running with the analog is not an option, so you will have to get used to either one or the other (I recommend analog personally, anyone who has played San Andreas will already be used to driving that way anyway.)

It's time to begin driving. The road is populated by many motorists, and the sidewalk is populated by dozens of pedestrians. Driving without hitting anything is going to be difficult (especially if you're just getting used to the game) but bear in mind that your passenger does not want to use any other car, and if you wreck this car you will have to start the mission over again.

Your destination is actually only a mere block or so away. Just make a right out of the driveway and go around the curve. Near the bottom of the hill here on your left there's an alley leading to a marked position. When you park your car there you'll be forced to get out and get changed. Walk toward the yellow marker in front of the door and enter your safe house. There is a save point icon here (looks like a CDR) and a clothing icon. Collect the clothing icon first to change outfits, and walk onto the save icon. It will tell you about saving (which can be done while not on a mission, yours still isn't over yet.) Leave the safe house and get back into the driver's seat.

You have to drive a little further this time, and remember that you can't change cars, so go slowly and carefully to avoid damage. The lcoation you're trying to get to is on the south sideof the map, in Atlantic Quays. You'll find a big yellow marker in front of the warehouse. Drive onto it and after a quick scene, you'll get your first reward, a cool $100. At this point the mission is over, so you can get out of the car and explore the city if you want to. It might be a good idea to save now of course. Notice that two new icons have appeared on your minimap. The CDR is the location of your safe hourse where the game can be saved, the letter V stands for Vincenzo, the man you just dropped off. Return there to start up some new missions for him.

LOCATION: At the south end of Portland in Atlantic Quays. There's a yellow marker in front of the warehouse. Marked on your radar with a capitol V.


UNLOCKED WHEN: Automatically unlocked after the game's first mission.

This is a relatively simple mission they start you off with. It seems a dealer isn't really doing his job too well, and it's your duty to give him a little helping hand. Find yourself a vehicle, any vehicle, and make your way to the dealer's location. He can actually be found just across the street from the mansion where you originally began the game. Drive there now and speak to him. After doing so, the dealer will get into your car, and a new destination appears on the map. Drive him to that destination and you'll get $100.

Dealing Revenge

UNLOCKED WHEN: Vincenzo mission "Slacker" has been completed.

It seems that dealer didn't fare too well after all, and your new task is to dish out some revenge. Find a vehicle and drive it to the location marker on your map. Get out of the vehicle and step onto the marker. You'll be introduced to hand-to-hand combat here. Hold the R trigger to target your opponent and tap the circle button to punch. It's pretty simplistic, and you're virtually guaranteed a win if you just follow those instructions. Note the colour of the targeting arrows indicate how much health the enemy has.

With the first guy dead you'll notice that a couple more red icons appear on your minimap. These are people you have to kill as well so hunt them down, and pound them into the ground. They're easy to find given they have large red arrows above their head. For killing the next two dealers you are rewarded with $500 and the mission is passed. A note will appear on screen saying that Capitol Autos in Harwood is looking for a new salesman, perhaps you might want to follow up on that offer. Since it's not marked on your map I'll tell you how to get there. Harwood is located on the north end of the city. When you get there look for an anormous blue sign which reads "Autos." In front of this building there should be a yellow marker. In order to begin this mission it must be between 08:00 and 18:00 on your clock. Note that since this is not a Vincenzo mission, you will find it in the Capitol Autos section of the walkthrough, this section continues with Vincenzo.


UNLOCKED WHEN: Vincenzo mission "Dealing Revenge" has been completed.

Finally time to equip yourself with a firearm. The local Ammu-Nation takes care of everyone's gun needs, so that's where you're off to on this mission. The Ammu-Nation is indicated by the yellow marker on your minimap, get yourself a vehicle and drive down there now. When you get inside you'll find a marker to stand on in front of the counter, this is the usual way to buy firearms. They're selling both the Pistol and the Micro SMG but unfortunately, they've got no SMGs in stock. The Pistol normally costs $240, but it's free for this mission, be sure to pick one up. Leave the store and get back in your car. Notice that a gun icon now appears on your minimap, this will always tell you the location of any Ammu-Nation stores.

Drive to the construction site which is once again, the yellow blip on your radar. Get out of the vehicle and step on the marker while on foot. There are a couple of guys here that you have to kill, and it's your first real opportunity to use that gun. Target using the R trigger like you did for melee combat and press the circle button to fire. While holding the R button you can tap down on the D-pad to aim manually. Kill the two guys, at least one of them should drop a Pistol (which you can pick up to get more ammunition.) Head through the tunnel and when you pop out on the other side, hold R and tap down to aim manually. Fire at the red barrels rather than the people for an instant kill (since they explode.) Once all the enemies are eliminated in this area, enter the car on the other side with the blue arrow.

For the final part of this mission, your only goal is to locate the pay-n- spray which is highlighted on your map, bring the car there, and get it repainted. Once you do this the mission is passed and you get $500.

Smash and Grab

UNLOCKED WHEN: Vincenzo mission "Snuff" has been completed.

For this mission you'll need a four door vehicle. In other words, something with a backseat so at least three other people will be able to hop in. Find yourself a car that fits these specifications and head off down the road in the direction of the indicator. Notice the blue bar on the screen, this is the health of the Leone members that are fighting against the cops right now, it acts as a timer pretty much. You have to make it there before it runs out.

When you arrive with the car at the gas station, you'll find it surrounded by police. Try to sneak in between the cars and avoid running over cops to keep your wanted level down at least for the moment. Drive up beside the three Leone guys and all of them will pile into the car. Now your wanted level automatically increases to three stars, and that's not going to go away by itself. Ram your way out of the gas station and make tracks for the nearest Pay-n-Spray (the spray can icon on your radar.) With a three star wanted level, police will throw spike strips across the road which pop your tires and make it a lot harder to drive. Get to the Pay-n-Spray as fast as you can.

Now with your car painted you will notice that the three wanted level stars are flashing. This means that you currently don't have any wanted level, but if you commit any offense whatsoever before they stop flashing, the police will recognize you and it will return to three stars. Once they stop flashing then you're pretty much okay. Your goal now is to just get back to the Vincenzo warehouse will all three guys and the reward is $1000.

Hot Wheels

UNLOCKED WHEN: The Vincenzo mission "Smash and Grab" has been completed.

There's a Banshee parked reasonably close to Vincenzo's warehouse, just get yourself a normal vehicle and follow the indicator. When you find the car, get out of your and into that one. There will be a quick scene transition and suddenly everything is going wrong. Turns out the car was trapped by the police and you now have a three star wanted level (just like last mission). You have to get to that Pay-n-Spray on the other side of town without destroying the vehicle. Get there as fast as you possibly can.

After the car has been sprayed and the wanted level has returned to normal, a new indicator appears at the garage where you are supposed to deposit the car. Drive over there now and park the vehicle. There is a scene here when you answer your cell phone. Following the scene you've got one final objective. It's time to show that bastard who's boss by doing a little number on his car. Just north of the auto lot there is a car crusher shown on your radar. Park the car in the large yellow marker and get out. Your mission is complete.

With that unpleasantness out of the way , you obviously won't be working for Vincenzo again anytime soon. There should be a call that comes in on your cell now, from your mother. Answer it with the L1 button. When the call ends a new icon appears on your radar at your mother's location. You can go to either JD O'Toole (marked with the J) or your mother Ma Cipriani (marked with the C.) The walkthrough will continue on with JD O'Toole from here.

The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade

UNLOCKED WHEN: The JD mission "The Made Man" has been completed.

Back with Vincenzo again it seems, he wants you to meet him on some kind of ship at the end of the dock. Make sure you check your map first because it's in kind of an odd location. When you get there, get out of any vehicle you may have taken there and step on the yellow marker. Run down to the end of the hall after the short scene and make a right to find a revolver. Head down the first set of stairs and look on the left to find some body armour. Now once you've got them both, keep going to the bottom of the stairs for a scene.

Tons of guys equipped with chainsaws chasing you down! This can get really dangerous. There are a couple of health items scattered around here and there but since the chainsaw can virtually kill you instantly with a single direct hit, it's not going to be of much help. Here are a couple of tips that will help you get through it. First and foremost, the revolver you found works great. It kills the guys with a single hit. Second of all, if you jump while running you move a lot faster here for some reason, faster than sprinting even. Keep this in mind when trying to escape. You pretty much want to run around the room, turn around and kill a couple of them, then run to another corner, turn around and shoot etc. One very important thing you have to keep in mind is how many shots you have fired. If you go to shoot when you're out of bullets and start reloading, it could quickly lead to your death.

Once all of the chainsaw guys have been killed, Vincenzo will enter the room equipped with a submachine gun. This is where those health items will come in handy, though more than likely you will not need them. The best thing to do is fire one revolver bullet into him, this will knock him down. While he's lying on the ground, run up to the body and pull out a chainsaw. This will finish him off no problem. Leave the boat to complete the mission, unlock the overalls clothes, and net yourself $3000. Before long your cell phone will go off. Salvatore Leone once again has a mission for you to do for him.

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