Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Vehicles

Just like cars, any GTA game would not be complete without the pigs! The police have their own rides, and they're worth pointing out. Although the Police Maverick will not be driveable by the gamer, the pilot will be sure to track you down when you're on the run. The SWAT team may also pay you a visit by sliding down from the ropes. So far, no information on police bikes have been revealed, but it would be nice to see that new special vehicle from San Andreas added in.


The Enforcer does just what its name suggests - it enforces! When you reach three stars, the police will start to bring out the Enforcer, trying to cut you off to the side of the road. You will also, on occasion, see a couple of Enforcers next to each other, set up as a road block. I'm sure you'll find some clever ways to fool the police!

Police Boat

Constantly patroling the waters, you will often find yourself being chased by Police Boats if you try to flee the crime seen by water. The Police Boat is speedy and wreckless, so you better watch out when planning your perfect getaway.

Police Car

Police cars show up in every installment of the Grand Theft Auto series. It wouldn't be a decent crime series without them. In LCS, the police that you will see will obviously be the LCPD (Liberty City Police Department). Police cars are fairly quick and easy to maneuver. Stealing one is always fun, but setting yourself up to do so can be a little bit tricky.

Police Maverick

Unfortunately not accessible to the player, the Police Maverick is the official police helicopter. When you receive two to three stars in your wanted level, the Police Maverick will start tracking you down. If you don't comply, the helicopter's operators will begin shooting at you and if your wanted level continues to rise, the SWAT team will pay you a nice visit from the sky!

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