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Motorbikes will be making their first appearance in Liberty City throughout the GTA series in LCS. The bikes from Vice City will be available, but, hopefully, new motorbikes will be added to the mix. No screenshots thus far have proven the presence of any new bikes, but we can only hope!


You may remember this bad boy bike from Vice City, primarily driven by Mitch Baker's gang of motorcycle riders. The Angel is not one of the fastest bikes available, but it is a nice looking, low-to-the-ground alternative to the PCJ600.


The Freeway is a lot like the Angel in that it is less of a sporty motorbike than the PCJ600, but it still has good performance, and it is fun to ride around in. The Freeway, as well as the Angel, is also not the motorbike of choice for most stunt video makers. However, it's great for cruising.


A relatively new motorbike to the Grand Theft Auto series, the NRG500 is a very fast sport bike that was first featured in San Andreas. Much like the PCJ600, this bike is definitely for speed. Riding through the busy streets of Liberty City in this speed demon may be challenging, so make sure you're well prepared!


This is one of the fastest bikes available. Making its first appearance in Vice City then once again in San Andreas, the PCJ600 is a stunter's ideal bike. Its fast acceleration and high top speeds make getting around easier than ever. Watch out though, crashing and falling off this bike at top speeds can cause some serious damage to your player.


The Sanchez isn't really a motorcycle. It's more of a dirt bike - perfect for going off-road. Its traction on non-paved land is great, making taking shortcuts or escaping the police a breeze. Although the Sanchez is slower than the PCJ600, you'll find yourself hopping on this bike to get to your location quickly because of its great off-road capabilities and easy maneuvering.

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