Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Sidemissions
Although all games of the Grand Theft Auto series have memorable and worthwhile storyline missions, they always come packed with extra sidemissions. Usually including odd and humorous jobs, these sidemissions are great if you have finished the main story, need a break from the Mafioso lifestyle, or just need some extra cash... AND FAST!

Avenging Angels

The Angels are a gang of vigilantes set on taking the law into their own hands. Usually taking care of business in more violent ways that non-corrupt police officers, the Angels can always use a little bit of help. You can commence the Avenging Angels side mission by approaching any Angel you see on the street and pressing UP on the D-Pad. The Angels never travel alone, so you and your buddy will hop onto a custom Angel and go keep the streets of Liberty City safe.

Car/Bike Salesman

Although you will become notoriously known for stealing cars, you can also turn Toni into a salesman by heading down to the auto dealership in Saint Mark's on Portland where you will have to convince the characters of Liberty City to purchase new vehicles. It's important to know your customer. With the wide array of cars available for purchase (off-road, sports, family, and muscle cars will be at your disposal along with a variety of motorbikes), certain vehicles will appeal to certain customers. Listening to your customer is key, and don't forget it. During test drives, the potential customers will ask you to drive with different styles. The accuracy with which you fulfill their requests will determine how likely it is that the customer will purchase the vehicle. For each successful sale, you will earn a nice amount of money and you will be given a time bonus for your next test drive. Faster sales get you higher earnings and the more you sell, the more cars you will unlock for your own use.

Insane Stunt Jumps

Nothing new to the Grand Theft Auto series, Insane Stunts in Liberty City will definitely be better than ever. Now, with motorbikes for your use, you'll be soaring over the various jumps, ramps, and hills found throught Liberty City higher than ever before. And remember - crazier stunts get you crazier amounts of money!


In the past, fire trucks in Grand Theft Auto have only been for Vigilante Missions. With LCS, you'll be able to jack fire trucks and use them to create chaos among the already chaotic town of Liberty City. Your goal in this sidemission is to destroy every vehicle in your path without bashing up your own. Crash combos are crucial - the bigger they are, the bigger your cash boneses get.

Noodle Punk

Another sidemission revisited, Noodle Punk allows you to make Noodleboy deliveries. To start the job, just hop onto one of the custom Noodleboy scooters from the restaurant and your deliveries will automatically begin. Since the food an get cold, speed is vital. You will start off with six delivery boxes, having to work your way to each stop before the rest of the meals get too cold. If you're able to complete the task, the reward will be worth it.

Scooter Shooter

Unjust killing is what Grand Theft Auto is all about and this sidemission allows you to do just that. With your personal driver taking the lead and heading around Liberty City to different targets, its your job to take out as many targets as quickly as possible with the Tec-9 and unlimited ammo at your disposal.

See the Sights Before Your Flight

Although you might be thinking that only the moderately insane tourist would take a trip to Liberty City, you'd be surprised by the amount of tourism that goes on throughout the town. Not everybody knows about the attractions in Liberty City, and it's up to you to give the tourists an unforgettable experience. Starting at Francis International Airport in Shoreside Vale, it is your job to drive the tourists to their favorite landmark, take their picture, and return back to the airport before their flight. Higher quality snapshots will get you a greater reward, so don't shake!


Everybody has to clean up their own mess. However, since Toni's mess is usually a street filled with bodies, he can do a favor for the community and Liberty City by starting this sidemission which allows you to take control of a Trashmaster. With the truck in your posession, it will be your job to pick up trash from all of the designated dumpsters and make it to the junkyard before the time runs out. This dirty job will definitely help keep Toni's bank from becoming empty.


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