Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Rampages
Rampages capture the essence of the Grand Theft Auto Series. Once activated you must kill a set number of peds/vehicles with a specific weapon within the given time limit. You may get a little attention from the police, but with with the reward of $5,000 multiplied by the number of rampages completed (or $1,000,000 for full completion), it's a risk that you may be willing to take.

  o 30 Triads/ Ak47/ Mr Wongs laundry
  o 14 Vehicles/ rockets/ Behind wall, west Chinatown
  o 25 Diablos/ Grenades/ Near Head radio
  o 25 Mafia/ Shotgun/ Alley near Toni's ristorante
  o 7 Vehicles/ Molotovs/ 1 block south of gas station
  o 25 Peds/ Run over/ behind tenements north of supa-save

  o 12 Vehicles/ Grenades/ doorway of shopping mall
  o 25 Peds/ Chainsaw/ town hall steps
  o 25 Yardies/ Flamethrower/ carpark of AMCO building
  o 35 Columbians/ M4/ behind hospital sign
  o 25 Yardies/ Sniper/ top of morning star statue
  o 30 Peds/ Shotgun/ on island in park
  o 30 Yakuza/ Shotgun (buddyshot)/ alley southwest of gallery

  o 25 Columbians/ Shotgun/ liberty pharmaceuticals
  o 25 Peds/ Chainsaw/ Left pod on top of dam
  o 14 Vehicles/ Rockets/ on top of turtle-head warehouse
  o 25 Peds/ Snipe/ on hill north of airport
  o 10 Vehicles/ Uzi Driveby/ between apartment blocks
  o 35 Columbians / run over/ inside hut outside mansion (gta3 end mission)
  o 40 Peds/ Molotovs/ North entrance to apartment block

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