Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Gangs

Leader - Salvatore Leone
Car - Mafia Sentinel
Clothes - tuxedos, some have sunglasses
Weapons - Handgun, Shotgun
GTAIII Territory - Saint Mark's/Portland


Leader - El Burro
Car - Diablo Stallion
Clothes - Denim, red and blue bandanas, jeans
Weapons - Baseball Bat, Handgun
GTAIII Territory - Hepburn Heights/Portland


Leader - ???
Car - Triad Fish Truck
Clothes - blue suits
Weapons - Baseball Bat, Handgun
GTAIII Territory - Chinatown

Colombian Cartel

Leaders - Catalina, Miguel
Car - Cartel Cruiser
Clothes - Hawaiian shirts, jeans, leather boots, hats with crocidile teeth on them
Weapons - Uzi, AK47
GTAIII Territory - Fort Staunton/Staunton Island, Cedar Grove/Shoreside Vale


Leader - Kazuki Kasen
Car - Yakuza Stinger
Clothes - Business suits
Weapons - Handgun, Uzi
GTAIII Territory - Torrington

Avenging Angels

Leader - ???
Car - Angel
Clothes - White shirt, green jacket, khaki pants, and a red beret
Weapons - ???
GTAIII Territory - N/A


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