Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Clothing
For the first time in Liberty City, your player will be able to change his clothes to your liking through the course of the game. You will be required to wear certain types of clothing to complete certain missions, but other than that, you have the ability to dress up Toni any way you want. It is probably a good idea to know your stuff, first.


You will start off the game in casual clothes - looking almost like Claude (a.k.a. Fido) of GTAIII. To stay under the radar and out of the way of gangs, Toni will have to stay dressed casually for the beginning of the game. However, once you get deeper into the game, your enemies will have no trouble recognizing your face!


Consisting of a brown, collared shirt, and black slacks, this outfit is another casual look on Toni's list. Although more classy than a shirt and blue jeans, this outfit cannot compare with the suits.

Casual #3

This third casual ensemble is made up of a blue t-shirt, a white undershirt, a green vest, and khaki pants. Although there is nothing casual about pumping guts full of lead, this outfit may make it seem so!

Casual #4 (Antonio)

The look that Toni has created for himself is known as the "Antonio" (which is his proper name). This very casual outfit consists of a white t-shirt and blue jeans, definitely the look for flying under the radar or enjoying some nice, deserved time off.


Probably the classiest outfit you will find at your disposal in Liberty City Stories will be this tuxedo. Making Toni look like a very important man, nobody will mess with you while you are wearing a Tuxedo.

Leone Suit

If you want to stay true to Don Salvatore Leone and the Italian Mafia, the Leone suit is the clothing for you. While Toni is wearing this sleek, black suit, there is no doubt that he is part of the Leone gang. Because of this, however, you will find yourself changing in and out of the Leone suit quite often, as to blend in with your surroundings rather than sticking out.


Very similar to the Leone suit (minus the undershirt... who needs them? Show off your manly chest hairs!), the "Goodfellas" look pays homage to the classic Martin Scorsese film of the same name. Although his mother begs to differ, the Goodfellas outfit is one of the best pieces of clothing for Toni to wear.


All good Mafia members need to stay in shape, and Toni is no exception. A piece of clothing owned by true Italian gangsters, the sweatsuit will help Toni burn off those extra calories and even look good while doing it!

Avenging Angel

Although it is not yet clear when or why you will be wearing this outfit, which belongs to the Angel biker gang the Avenging Angels, our best guess is that you will be required to wear the outfit to either act as a spy inside the gang or actually work for them.


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