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The Master and the Molotov

Dimitri sends Niko a text message saying to meet him on the Firefly Island boardwalk. Once you arrive at the marker, a cutscene will begin where Niko and Dimitri speak with one another on a bench. Dimitri says that he has only two options: kill his best friend to keep Kenny Petrovic happy, or die. Niko believes that Petrovic will be after him, too, since he's the one that killed Lenny. Dimitri claims that if Niko kills Faustin, Petrovic will forgive him for what he has done. Dimitri tells Niko to head to the Perestroika club and finish off Mikhail.

When you arrive at the club, Faustin's car will pull up and he'll enter the Perestroika. Dimitri will send you a text message saying he's placed some body armor at the street corner that you can pick up - he doesn't expect Mikhail to go down without a fight. Head to the armor location and pick it up, then enter the club.
It doesn't take Faustin very long to figure why Niko showed up unexpected. He starts ranting about how Niko and Dimitri have betrayed him, and how neither would be alive were it not for him. Realizing he's not actually dead yet, Faustin sends his guards at you and flees. The cutscene ends, and you have to battle your way through the Perestroika. There will be five or six armed guards inside that you'll have to take out. If you're feeling adventurous near the end, you can probably just run outside and avoid some of them.
When you follow Faustin out the back door, you'll be greeted by a couple more guards in the alleyway. Shoot them one by one and continue chasing Faustin. He'll climb up the staircases that lead to the roof, not thinking twice about the fact that there's nowhere to go. Follow Faustin up to the top floor.
When you arrive on the same platform as Faustin, he will drop his weapon and continue his taunts. Whip out your pistol and take a shot at Faustin's head to complete the mission in the best possible way - execution style! When Faustin falls to the floor, Niko will call Dimitri and inform him that the deed is done.
Reward: $700


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