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GTAGaming Presents: Things To Notice

If you are a long time GTAGaming fan, and by long time I mean long, long time fan of about 5 years, you will remember the Things To Notice page. It started out back when we were the Vice City Resource in the summer of 2002. The Game Informer world exclusive Vice City preview had just been released, and thousands of people were placing the first screenshots under magnification to find the smallest details that gave hint to any new information on the game, "Is that a dog? Was that a shark by that boat?" We provided a location for all of the screenshot theorycraft to present itself collectively. Now, 5 years later, we are re-establishing the trend for the long-time fan nostalgia and for the newer fans to participate in this exciting, hype-building section we call Things To Notice.

To view the most up to date Things To Notice and contribute, visit this GTAGForums thread. To submit your own screenshot with something to notice, follow the directions below.

1. Please do not submit anything fairly evident e.g. "This is a screenshot of the Russian guy!"
2. Try to be well informed so you aren't submitting something on this page.
3. Try to give instructions on where to spot the object in question.

-How To Submit-
*By Email
1. Send an email to
2. Subject line "Things To Notice"
3. Paste a link to a screenshot, or attach your own .jpg or .gif file.
4. No .bmps!!
5. Write a short summary on what should be noticed and why.
*By Posting
1. Go to this GTAGForums thread.
2. Post a link to a screenshot, or attach your own image file.
3. Write a short summary on what should be noiced and why.

-Other Information-
1. For consistency reasons I may remake your image, but I will keep your notification.
2. All submissions will be looked over, however, not all submissions will be used.


Things To Notice

#1 - Bobbing Fish

Description: In the ferry dock shot, fish are seen bobbing and moving with the water.
Trailer Time: 00:15

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#2 - Seagulls

Description: Also in the ferry dock shot, 3D seagulls are seen flying around. Can we shoot down birds?
Trailer Time: 00:15

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#3 - Vice City

Description: A tiny billboard reads "Visit Vice City - $300". Does this mean we can fly to Vice City?
Trailer Time: 00:04

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#4 - Ferris Wheel

Description: Possibly the hardest to spot, there is a ferris wheel in this shot behind the roller coaster. Can players ride this ferris wheel and the "Screamer" coaster?
Trailer Time: 00:07

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#5 - Cablecar

Description: There is a cablecar over the bridge. Can it transport the player?
Trailer Time: 00:32

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#6 - 2x4

Description: This worker is holding a 2x4 and you can see him move with it. Is this a possible weapon?
Trailer Time: 00:38

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#7 - Hearst Tower

Description: The Hearst Tower is caught in a glimpse, which places GTA IV in modern day since the tower was completed in 2006.
Trailer Time: 00:30

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#8 - Book Drop

Description: Pedestrians carry a book, drop it, and walk on. Does this apply to all the other objects people carry? Can you steal their bags?
Trailer Time: 00:31

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#9 - Ped Clothes

Description: Notice the pedestrians that seem to be identical, but actually have variations in clothing. This means you will no longer see so many ped clones.
Trailer Time: 00:30

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