GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Random People Walkthrough
    You'll find this Frenchman in the Triangle district of downtown Algonquin, on the corner of Hematite St. and Columbus Ave. after completing Practice Swing for Tony.

    He'll get to talking about how France is slowly turning into America because of the television... or something like that.

    Once he's done ranting he'll ask you to drive him to a massage parlor in Chinatown. When you arrive at the spa, the mission is complete.
    After completing Bang Bang for Tony, you'll find Margot, one of Luis's former lovers, outside Hercules in the Purgatory district of Algonquin. It's soon clear that Margot is somewhat of a stalker.

    After continually professing her love for Luis, she admits that she just take 37 pain killers and 15 sleeping pills in her misery. She's going to die if you don't take her to the hospital.

    When the cutscene ends simply get into a car and drop her off at the hospital in East Hook to end the mission.
    Margot, Second Encounter
    Margot can be found on the south side of the top floor at the Farmmarket in Algonquin after you finish the first part of Blog This! for Tony.

    She's still as neurotic as ever, and this is evident from the start since you'll find her hanging on the rail of the top floor threatening to kill herself. She wants Luis to profess his love by saving her.

    Maybe finally realizing that Luis doesn't love her, Margot jumps off the ledge and dies as she hits the floor. Everybody in the Farmmarket thinks that you pushed her, so when the cutscene ends there will be about seven pedestrians running after you to fight. Fight off all them however you see fit to end the mission - note that if you use a gun you'll have to lose the police before the mission ends.
    You'll find a British woman named Daisy sitting at the bar in Hercules after completing Frosting on the Cake for Tony.

    She doesn't really seem to know what's going on - calling you Steve and Leslie and asking about Terry (rather than Tony) - and it's clear that she and Luis had some past together.

    Soon Daisy gets a call from a friend saying that Chris Hunt is going to publish a sex tape of her on the Internet to prove his heterosexuality. Daisy can't let him do it since it'll ruin her engagement plans. And of course, she wants you to help!

    Outside, get into a car and go to the various locations that Chris has been "Bleeting" about. After moving between several locations, you'll end up in the middle of Star Junction, where you find Chris looking up at one of the large LCD screens. Up there in plain sight is Daisy giving the aforementioned handjob, and she runs away in disgust. After the cutscene the mission will be over.

    Reward: $500
    Arnaud, Second Encounter
    After completing the second part of Blog This! for Tony, you'll find Arnaud bleeding on a street corner in the Fortside district of Bohan. He'll tell you about the prostitute he found earlier and how her pimp came in, beat him up, and took his wallet. Arnaud wants you to help him get his wallet back.

    Drive Arnaud to Bronco Street to get his wallet back. You'll find the pimp there in his car, and he'll recognize Arnaud right away and try to escape. The pimp drives pretty wildly so you won't have any problem keeping up with him. Just kill him in a drive-by to make him drop the wallet. Grab the wallet and drive Arnaud back to the corner in Fortside to end the mission.

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