GTA IV Weapons
Bullet-Proof Vest
Although not a weapon itself, the bullet-proof vest, or body armor from past GTA installments, will definitely help you protect yourself against them. Find and pick up the vest to give yourself a one-up over your enemies.
Fists, man's best friends - the aggressive man, at least. As always, you'll be able to punch your way through GTA if you can't get a hold of any weapons. New to GTA IV, though, is the realistic splattering of blood during melee combat. Good luck finding that in the German release!
High Kick
Niko shows his elasticity with the high kick - we all know it's more effective to kick your enemies in the face rather than the shin.
Knives are nothing new to GTA IV, but the switchblade, as seen in Trailer 3, "Move Up, Ladies," seems to featuring a release animation - let your victims know you're coming for them with that springing sound.
Seen in the GTA IV's fourth trailer, the hacksaw is definitely one of the most gruesome way to finish off your enemies. Unfortunately we can't be certain that this will be a usable weapon, but in the meantime let's just plan out all the nasty ways we'll take down pedestrians!
Pool Cue
Although the pool cue hasn't been seen used as a weapon yet, anything goes in GTA. We've seen Niko shooting pool in the trailers, could he possibly take his game out of the billiards as well?
Baseball Bat
Do you know who my FAVORITE comic book character is? Why, it's Captain Baseballbat Boy, of course!
They're the cheapest guns to buy, you always have to start with one, the cops love to shoot you with them... that's right, it's the glock!
Silenced Pistol
If the mission calls for some low-key action, have no fear - the silenced pistol will be there to keep your shots under the radar.
Desert Eagle
The Desert Eagle (Deagle) is a compact yet powerful and effective gun. This is another one that you'll probably run into early in the game.
Micro Uzi
The Micro Uzi is a gangster's favorite. It may be a small package, but it sure packs a lot of heat. Probably one of the cheapest guns you'll find at Ammunation, the Micro Uzi is perfect for all your drive-by needs.
A GTA favorite, the MP5 was bound to return. Fast, reliable, and strong - you'll find yourself holding onto this gun for the majority of your missions.
One of the most popular assault rifles around, the AK-47 has been in GTA games since the beginning.
M4 Carbine
Powerful, but expensive, the M4 Carbine is definitely the gun you'll want to be carrying when nearing those difficult missions. Although it'll probably slow you down a bit to be walking with one, the M4 packs a powerful punch - perfect for when your wanted level is increasing.
Remington 870 (Shotgun)
If you're looking for a cheap and powerful gun, look no further - the Remington 870 shotgun will prove to be your best friend as you're making your way through the more shoot-out intense missions.
A policeman's favorite shotgun, the SPAS-12 is definitely something to be looking out for once you reach those higher wanted levels.
Sawed-Off Shotgun
Blast your enemies to smithereens with this sawed-off shotgun. Just the right weapon for lots of action, but with little time to think about it.
PSG1 (Sniper Rifle)
Need a gun that'll give you one shot, one kill? The powerful sniper rifle is for you. You'll have to scope out the perfect vantage point ahead of time!
RPG (Rocket Launcher)
One of the most expensive (yet powerful) weapons of any GTA game is the rocket launcher. Although they'll be hard to come by, once you get your hands on an RPG, you'll be unstoppable until you run out of ammo!

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