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Grand Theft Auto IV is the first Grand Theft Auto title to include a comprehensive online multiplayer mode. To play online, you'll need a connection to either Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. Once you're up and running, you'll be able to participate in games with up to sixteen simultaneous players running around Liberty City. As with many console games, one player acts as the host of the game and chooses all of the game options prior to it starting.

In most events there are a number of options which the host can customize. The weapons which spawn in the level, number of pedestrians and traffic density are just a few of them. Other players aren't left out in the cold - everyone in the game has the ability to select their own character and customize it with regards to race, gender, clothing and many other external attributes.  

Game Modes
Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch
In these events, anything goes. The only objective is to kill everyone else as much as possible, or everyone on the opposing team as much as possible. The player with the highest number of kills at the end of the game wins!
Free Roam
The vast expanse of Liberty City is all yours for the taking. Explore the world with a few friends and show that secret passageway or the location of a hidden package they're struggling to get. No objectives, just a simple go anywhere, do anything kinda mode which seems to be a response to pleas from the community for such a gametype.
The objective is simple - complete a course by passing through checkpoints in the quickest possible time, with the host determining the type of race (car, boat, or helicopter) and number of laps to be played prior to the game starting. Race also has two sub-modes: Free Race, which is played point-to-point, and Cannonball Run, where you can pass checkpoints in whatever route you want.
GTA Race
This mode is like Race but with a hint of GTA added in: you'll be able to pick up weapons and exit your car in order to take out your opponents, providing a much more difficult, yet fun, racing experience!
Mafiya Work
In Mafiya Work, everyone's working for the mafiya, except just one guy. Players in the game will receive a cell phone message which outlines their next job, all of which involve assasinating another player in the game. Only one will be singled out for assassination and all of the other players in the game will mount a frantic race to kill that one player. The player that successfully completes the job is awarded a point and the action continues.
Team Mafiya Work
In this multiplayer mode your team works for the mafiya, completing tasks like escorts and car jackings. If you're team completes the task at hand before time is up, you're rewarded. The team with the most cash at the end wins, so it's probably a good idea to sabotage your opponents' tasks.
Hangman's NOOSE
Hangman's NOOSE provides overlap betwen the single and multiplayer modes. It's a cooperative mission derived from the game story which sees some players working to protect a mobster as he travels across the city while the rest of the players become the police and must take out the target.
Cops n' Crooks
In Cops n' Crooks, half of the players are criminals trying to take The Boss to safety while the other half are police officers trying to stop them. There are two sub-modes available: All for One and One for All.

In the All for One sub-mode, one team is made up of all crooks and one boss, and the other is made up of police. The Crooks win by gettin The Boss to the getaway vehicle and escaping to safety, while the Cops win by killing The Boss or destroying the getaway vehicle.

One for All is like the previous mode, but there is no Boss. The Crooks win by filling up a getaway car with four team members and driving to safety while the Cops win by killing all of the Crooks or destroying the getaway vehicle. You better be careful though, there is no respawn in this mode.
Bomb da Base (I and II)
GTA IV includes two multiplayer modes whose name appears to be linked to two individual missions from Grand Theft Auto III. The first act in the 2001 game requires the player to approach 8 ball to concoct a bomb, which is used in the second part to take out a gang of drug smugglers on a boat in Portland harbour. The exact details of the new multiplayer mode are not yet known.
Team Car Jack City
In this mode, teams are to steal parked cars around Liberty City and take them to a specified drop off points. The amount of money the team gets on completion depends on the condition of the car, but if it's a special delivery (such as a drug smuggle) you'll be rewarded a set amount as long as you make it. Whichever team has more cash at the end wins.
Deal Breaker
Details about this mode have not yet been revealed.
Turf War
Turf War is a capture-the-base style multiplayer mode where two teams will battle for land in Liberty City. You capture a base by standing in a designated area for a certain period of time - the more team members present, the shorter you have to wait. If the owners of the base are on or near it, however, you won't be able to capture the land - you'll have to take them out. The more bases you own, the more cash you stack up and the team with the most cash at the end wins.

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