GTA IV Characters
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic is the game's protagonist. Longing to get away from a past of iniquity and regret, Niko travels overseas to Liberty City, convinced by his cousin who claims to be living the American Dream. He is also coming to America because he is searching for someone.
Roman Bellic
Roman is Niko's cousin and boyfriend of Mallorie. Roman tells stories of pursuing the American dream of fast cars, hot women, and the life of luxury for 15 years in Libery City. In reality, he's just optimistic and cowardly, for he deceived Niko into coming to America to help him out with running his cab company in Broker. Roman may be an entrepreneur, but he's quite foolish and needs Niko to watch his back.
Vlad Glebov
Vlad Glebov is a Russian-born money lender, bully, top international businessman, and patron of the bar Comrades. An extremely powerful man, Vlad also falsely believes he's charming, funny, and flaw-free. However, he is the boss of the Hove beach neighborhood of Broker, and he doesn't let anyone forget it. Besides trying to play others as the tough boss man, he actually spends most of his time as a suck-up to other, bigger crime organizations, hoping to gain more power and a better reputation.
Elizabeta is a dangerous narcotics consumer and has been dealing out of Bohan for the past ten years. Lately, she has become dangerously paranoid and delusional from using too much of her our supply, and that doesn't couple well with the narcotics crackdown on the horizon.
Manny Escuela
Manny is a tough-talking community leader from South Bohan who very interested in giving back to the community, but even more interested in the exposure it brings. This "bad guy turned good", Manny was once a low level hoodlum, who claims he was around since the very birth of everything known today as the "modern hoodlum". Whether or not he was actually involved in the creation of the gangsta scene is unknown. Since those days, he's vowed to help right the wrongs of the scene he was once a part of by taking part in St. Mary's Community Project.
Brucie is your typical white baller. He's a hip-hopping, steroid-taking fitness guru, a gear head, and he thinks very highly of himself. Brucie thinks he rolls big and wants everybody to know it.
Bryce Dawkins
Bryce Dawkins is Liberty City's ultra-conservative Deputy Mayor who is sure to force family values on all. Dawkins is a strong proponent for abstinence having said, "abstinence... life is great when you just don't get it."
Francis McReary
Francis McReary is a rising star of Liberty's finest. This policeman from a tough neighborhood has made powerful ties with the community and is working to clean up streets in the roughest parts of town.
Patrick "Packie" McReary
Relative of Francis McReary, "Packie" is a violent, drug-abusing, hard-living-Irish-American residing in Dukes with his mother and sister.
Phil Bell
Labeled as a "businessman" from Alderney, Phil Bell is an Italian mobster who Niko will have the opportunity to work under.
Bledar Morina
Bledar is an Albanian thug and fitness enthusiast from Broker who most likely has ties with Manny Escuela, given their common interest.
Little Jacob
A Jamaican arms dealer; good relations with Roman Bellic. Weapons are only a phone call away and he will meet up with Niko anytime in a remote location for a deal.
Roman Bellic's girlfriend. When he looks into her eyes, he sees stars and angels..
Mikhail Faustin
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