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Vladimir Glebov

Vlad is a chauvinistic Russian that just won't leave Roman's girlfriend Mallorie alone. He seems to be a tough guy, and he lets it be known at every chance. You can always find him at the Comrades Bar in Hove Beach (just across from the first safehouse).

Working under Mikhail Faustin and Petrovic, Vlad has some small-time work for you to do. It's apparent from the beginning that Niko really isn't too fond of Vlad, though...

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Bull in a China Shop Hung Out to Dry Clean Getaway
Ivan the Not So Terrible
Bull in a China Shop

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There is a guy who hasn't paid Vlad in months and Vlad's getting pretty upset without his money. If you want to get paid, too, you'll do as Vlad says!

The man who owes Vlad money runs a china shop in Dukes, so head over to the marker. He won't take you seriously and will refuse to pay. Get a cinder block and throw it through the shop window. The owner will freak out and pay up what he owes. Take the money back to Vlad to complete the mission.
Reward: $50
Hung Out to Dry

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Another guy owes Vlad protection money - he owns a laundromat not far from Comrades bar. It is very important to realize that Vlad does no want the man injured.

Walk into the laundromat, the man gets scared and makes a run for it out the back door. Follow him and steal one of the many cars out there at your disposal. Catch up to him and ram his car with yours, eventually he will pull over. Allow Niko to taunt him at the end of the mission - after all, he is a very persuasive man.
Clean Getaway

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Vlad is a little disappointed that Roman still hasn't paid him his money, but he has some work for you anyway. He wants you to steal a silver Blista Compact parked at a subway station in Dukes.

Steal the car and make a getaway before the real owners can pull you out of the vehicle. The car's too dirty for Vlad's tastes, so head over to the car wash to get it cleaned. Next go to the lockup where you'll leave the car and complete the mission
Reward: $150
Ivan the Not So Terrible

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Vlad claims that a man named Ivan is going to rob Roman's cab depot. The whole thing seems like a set-up, and Vlad just wants Ivan dead for some other reasons. Nevertheless, go to the cab depot to find the robber.

When you arrive, Ivan should already be on his way out. Chase his car down and he when he gets out on foot, follow him through the construction site - up ladders and across roofs. The site will eventually reaches a harsh dead end and Ivan will be hanging onto the ledge for his life.

This is the first life-or-death decision you get to make in the game, you can choose to kick Ivan off the ledge and kill him, or you can choose to help him back up.

Either way, Niko will tell Vlad that Ivan is dead and he'll get his cut for completing the task. If you save Ivan's life, however, he will appear in the game later as one of the strangers that give you side missions.

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