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Roman Bellic

Niko's cousin and good friend from the old country, sarcastic jokester, pushover, optimistic (or just idiotic), gambling addict, and obnoxious are only a few things that Roman Bellic has been called.

After luring his cousin to America with lies about luxury, Roman is ready to make it to the top and bring Niko with him. For now though, Roman is trying to get by running a taxi depot and falling for his receptionist Mallorie.

Over the course of the game, a lot goes wrong for Roman, usually at Niko's fault. But as your cousin, Roman's your friend til the end, so keep good relations and hang out with him once in a while! Unlike some other friends throughout the game, each time you deny Roman's request to hang out, you'll lose some friend points.

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It's Your Call Three's A Crowd Bleed Out
Easy Fare Jamaican Heat Uncle Vlad
Logging On Crime and Punishment Roman's Sorrow
Weekend at Florian's
It's Your Call

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You'll act as a driver again in this mission. This time you're facilitating Roman's gambling addiction by taking him to the back of the hardware store, where he plans on winning back some owed money. Roman warns you about Albanian loan sharks that are after him, so you have to keep a lookout while Roman's playing. He'll give you a cell phone so you can call just in case they pay a visit.

Surely enough the loan sharks show up and it's your job to call up Roman and let him know. He hurries outside and you have to drive off, trying to escape the Albanians. Pull up into the cab depot garage to make it back safely and end the mission.
Reward: $30
Unlocks cell phone
Three's A Crowd

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Mallorie, Roman's girlfriend, needs a ride from the train station, but Roman's busy so he has Niko take care of it. Head over to the station, pick up Mallorie and her friend Michelle, and drop the two of them off at Michelle's apartment - on the way, Mallorie will suggest that you and Michelle go on a date.

Once they're out of your car, Niko will call Roman, and he'll mention that you need some new clothes. Go to the clothes store and buy something new, even just jeans will do.
Unlocks side mission boss Michelle (M)
Bleed Out

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Roman has called you letting you know he's in trouble, so head to his location to help him out. The Albanian loan sharks are out again, and this time they're beating up Roman.

It's your job to save Roman by beating up two of the Albanians: Bledar and Kalem. After learning the melee controls and taking them down, Roman spots the third one, Derdan, getting away in his car. Chase him down and follow him when he gets out. Here, you'll learn how to disarm your opponent. Snag his knife and finish him off.

Go back to the car and drop Roman off at the cab depot.
Reward: $50
Easy Fare

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Inside the cab depot, Vlad is hanging around, waiting for money, and harassing Mallorie. Roman's busy again and he needs you to do another favor.

Go to Rotterdam Hill to pick up a man named Jermaine from his apartment. Take him to his lock-up on Masterson Street. Once you arrive there, however, you'll automatically gain a wanted level and the cops will be on your tail.

Lose your wanted level by staying out of the flashing circle on your radar. Try not to pass by any police on the way because that will just shift over the circle, making it harder to escape.

When your wanted level is lost, take Jermaine to the Pay N' Spray. You'll get $100 once he's dropped off safely. Vlad will call afterwards, letting you know that he has work for you, too.
Reward: $100
Unlocks mission boss Vladimir Glebov (V)
Jamaican Heat

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Roman's friend Little Jacob needs some help overseeing a deal that he is having second thoughts about. Pick him and drive him to the specified meeting spot. On the way there, Jacob will give you a pistol that you can use to protect him.

Once you're there, climb up the steps and crouch down for a good lookout position. As expected, the deal goes wrong and several guys pop out with guns abalzing. Protect Jacob by taking out the armed thugs, there will be three below you and one on the second story.

Grab the weapons and ammo dropped by the thugs you killed, then drive Jacob to the Homebrew Cafe to end the mission. You'll get $150 out of it, and Little Jacob will now be offering you some missions.
Reward: $150
Unlocks mission boss Little Jacob (LJ)
Uncle Vlad

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Vlad hasn't stopped harassing Mallorie, and it's starting to bother Roman. He won't do anything but complain about it, though. Niko decides to finish the end the problem himself once and for all. Head over to Vlad's bar with Roman to take him out.

Vlad is a bit drunk, but sober enough to know that you're not kidding. While he escapes out the door, two of his guards come after you shooting. Kill them or just run through the back door, the choice is yours. Chase down Vlad in a car.

Vlad will eventually crash and run away on foot, follow him out to the docks. Follow the on-screen instructions to kill him. Roman will freak out while the two of you try to drag Vlad's dead body into the water.

You won't get any money for this mission, but if you're playing on an Xbox 360, you'll unlock the achievement "Fed the Fish" for 5G.
Xbox 360 Achievement: Fed the Fish (5G)
Logging On

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To do this mission, you need to complete Final Destination for Mikhail Faustin. Roman will call you saying that he want's you to meet someone. He tells you to get online in America - there are plenty of opportunities awaiting.

Get over to the Tw@ Internet Cafè on Oneida Avenue in East Hook (just off Mohawk Avenue). Approach the girl at the counter, and then log on. If you click 'CHECK MAIL', you have one from the team, welcoming you to their services. If you can't be bothered to do anything else, leave the Tw@ Internet Cafè to complete the mission.
Unlocks car jacking side missions from Brucie (email)
Crime and Punishment

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A little while after you kill Vlad, a paranoid Roman will call you to meet him on Tulsa Street in Hove Beach. When you arrive you'll see that Roman is hiding in a dumpster. Just as NIko assures him that he's not being watched, a man holding an AK-47 storms in and takes you two away.

You and Roman are in Mikhail Faustin's basement, and a couple of thugs are questioning you as to why you killed Vlad. Faustin and Dimitri Rascalov appear soon. You soon learn what a psychopath Faustin is as he kills one of his men. After continuing to freak out, Roman gets shot, but he'll be fine. Faustin will ask you to do some favors in order to pay for killing his man.

You need to find a Police Cruiser, so just head up the road and a cop car will come round the corner, so steal it. You need to pull over three different vans and check for TV's in the trunk. Use your siren and hang back until they stop. It may take a couple tries to find the right van, but once you have the TV's, head to the lock-up on Hooper Street, near BOABO.
Reward: $200
Unlocks mission boss Mikhail Faustin (F)
Roman's Sorrow

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Roman will call you from the trunk of his car. Head over to East Island City to find him. Niko assures Roman that everything will be fine, and that they can start a new life elsewhere. Roman just has to pick up one last thing from the house, so go there for him.

When you arrive to the house, you see that the whole building is on fire. The house, and Roman's item, is beyond saving, so Roman asks you to speed over to the cab depot. The cab depot is also on fire.

Roman feels as though he's lost everything - all he has left is Niko and Mallorie. He reveals that the item he wanted to pick up from the house was an engagement ring he had planned to give Mallorie soon. Now the two must start again from the bottom and work their way up.

Roman calls Mallorie for help and she tells him to meet her up in Bohan and that she can help from there.
Xbox 360 Achievement: Lowest Point (5G)
Unlocks new safehouse in Bohan
Weekend at Florian's

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