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Playboy X
Deconstruction for Beginners

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At the start of this mission you'll take a tour of Playboy's snazzy Algonquin apartment along with accompanying balcony. He has it good, but Playboy's all about making it bigger and eventually rebuilding his community. Dwayne Forge, an old friend of Playboy's just recently released from prison, shows up and seems to be disappointed by how people forgot about him.

Playboy ignores Dwayne for the time being becaue he has work to be done. The mafia has driven Yusuf Amir, a big figure in real estate, off of some construction site. Playboy doesn't like what has happened because he believe he can work with Amir in the future to get the funds to rebuild the community. He wants you to get rid of the mafia presence on the lot.

Drive over to the building adjacent to the construction site with Playboy. Taking the sniper rifle and grenades stashed in the car, use the motorized platform to get to the roof of the building. Playboy will point you in the direction of some lookouts overseeing the site with snipers, pick each one of them off. You can also use the sniper to take out some of the visible guards inside the construction site before heading there to face the rest.

Go back to street level and walk onto the construction site. Take your time and kill anybody on the construction site. Your main objective is to eliminate a few union leaders, but they have a lot of company so you'll be facing a lot of men. After you kill a few union leaders and make your way throughout the site, a helicopter will come in to guard the last union leader. Gun down the union leader while being weary of his eye-in-the-sky backup. When the main targets are dead, the mission will be complete.
Reward: $6,500
Unlocks mission boss Dwayne Forge
Photo Shoot

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Playboy X needs somebody taken out, but his description isn't very detailed, and Niko doesn't think he will hit the right guy. To help you complete the mission, Playboy will give you a brand new phone with a camera!

Head to the basketball courts where Marlon and his gang should be hanging out. There will be several groups of people on the courts, so keep taking photos and sending them to Playboy until he says that you've found Marlon. When he's been properly identified, shoot him down. Marlon's friends have guns, too so you may be dealing with a miniature shootout, nothing too difficult. When they're all dead you'll get your reward.
Reward: $6,750
Unlocks new phone
The Holland Play

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