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Packie McReary

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Harboring a Grudge Waste Not Want Knots Three Leaf Clover
Harboring a Grudge

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Waste Not Want Knots

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Three Leaf Clover

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There's a big meeting at the McReary residence, and Niko knows that an important job is about to go down. At the house are Gerry, Packie, and Derrick McReary accompanied by family friend Saint Michael, who you've worked with before. Basically, you're going to be robbing a bank!

Grab a car and pick up your three accomplices (Gerry is staying at home). Make your way towards the bank in Algonquin. Along the way, the guys will lay out the plans. Derrick will rig his PE4 explosives and head back to take care of employees with Niko while the other two deal with the hostages in the bank.

When they arrive at the bank, things seem to be going well - everybody is complying with their demands. One rebellious bank-goer, who reveals to another that he's part of the Liberty City Gun Club, decides to take action into his own hands. He whips out a pistol and shoots Saint Fucking Michael dead. Enraged, the others quickly take out the rebel.

The sudden death flusters the gang a bit, but the show must go on! The vault explodes, sirens go off, and you have to head downstairs to grab the cash. On the way back up from the vault you'll get a five-star wanted level and the bank will be surrounded by LCPD and N.O.O.S.E. officers in cars and helicopters.

Get ready for some intense shootout work. There are several distinct sections to the mission. You'll start off by clearing the entrance of the bank of any police officers so that you can make your escape on the streets. Once you eliminate enough of them, Packie and Derrick will run off. You can take your time for now to get rid of the rest of the police before moving on. Basically, keep following the two and clear the way for them. Our best advice is to make good use of grenades since the officers will usually be bundled in groups or taking cover behind explodable vehicles. Beware of officers on second stories and others creeping up from behind you at times. Once you meet Packie and Derrick in an alleyway, another cutscene will start.

An LCPD chopper has set its sights on you, and there's no escaping on the streets. The only way out is to go through the subway. Follow Packie and Derrick downstairs. When you enter there will be two police officers to the right, so take them out quickly. Another shootout will ensue at the metal detector and turnstyle area of the subway. When all the officers there are dead, you'll make your way to the actual subway platform.

A lot of N.O.O.S.E. officers will file down the platform steps across the tracks, so shoot them down in between passing trains. The three of you soon realize that the only escape is through the tracks, so follow the guys through the tunnel, turning back to kill any officers that decide to follow, too. As you make your way towards a discrete exit, watch out for passing trains - that's a very easy way to die. Head up the stairs at a regular pace because you want Packie and Derrick close behind.

When you reach street level, don't wait for anything! If you allow the police to arrive at the door before you guys exit, you're pretty much dead - Packie and Derrick won't help shoot down the cops that will never stop appearing. Instead, run out the door and into a car as quickly as possible. It may be a good idea to get a strong, yet fast, vehicle since you'll be taking a lot of damage. Allow the McReary brothers to enter the car and do your best to escape the three-star wanted level that you have received. When you lose the police, return the McReary's back to their mother's house and then take a bath in all the cash that you just got.
Reward: $250,000
Unlocks mission bosses Gerry McReary and Derrick McReary

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