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Manny Escuela
Manny is Mallorie's Bohan connection, a way for Niko to start up work again after being forced out of Broker by Dimitri and his men.

It will become apparent that Niko isn't too fond of Manny, who's all about cleaning up the streets. Interestingly enough, though, he's more interested in being filmed cleaning the streets than he is in helping out the community, as you'll notice from the missions he asks you to do.
Escuela of the Streets

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In order to help him clean the streets of Bohan, Manny wants you to kill some drug dealers and suppliers. He knows where one dealer is located, so take Manny to the spot and wait for the dealer to appear outside. Follow him in the car to get to more guys that you can "clean up." Keep your distance, though, you don't want him to know that he's being followed.

Manny will let you take it from here. Shoot the lock on the door and enter the building. There will be a couple of rooms filled with plenty of dealers waiting to kill you. Take cover and slowly plow through the dealers one at a time. When they're all cleaned up, meet Manny outside where he'll already be filming, claiming that his street sweeping has struck again.
Reward: $1,000
Street Sweeper

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When you meet Manny at the community center for some new work, he'll introduce you to Officer McReary who vouches for Manny's street cleaning powers.

Manny wants you to kill some more drug-dealing gang members. Head to the location to find the gangsters hanging around outside. When you first approach the area, run over as many as possible. A couple will try to get away by car so chase them down and perform a drive-by. Once all of the dealers are dead, the streets will be sweeped and the mission will be over!
Unlocks mission boss Elizabeta Torres (E)
The Puerto Rican Connection

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Some of the guys Manny used to roll with have been calling him names after seeing his latest movie. Manny wants you to take care of them for him.

When you arrive at the marker, you'll see a train pass by overhead - the targets are aboard that train. Drive through the streets following the train tracks, waiting for your targets to get off. They'll exit the train in Schottler, so park the car head up to the platform guns ablazing (or from cover, of course) and kill the three targets.
Reward: $1,500
Unlocks unknown mission boss at Castle Gardens (?)

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