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Little Jacob
Jacob is a real Jamaican rudeboy - if his looks don't give it away, the first word out of his mouth will leave no doubts in your mind. Although you only do a couple of official missions for him, Jacob appears all throughout the game.

You can call him if you ever need some cash, he and Badman can always use a helping hand to deliver some drugs. Jacob will also make an appearance during U.L. Paper's mission Paper Trail to help you take down the helicopter.

Most importantly, though - Jacob is your friend! Be sure to keep up good relations by hanging out with him once in a while because then you can unlock his special ability... weapons will just be a phone call away. One love, breda!
Concrete Jungle

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When you meet up with Little Jacob, he'll spout some incomprehensible directions at you. Basically, he wants to go around and kill people! Go to the apartment block in Willis and drop off Jacob. When you go over to the alleyway to park, three drug dealers will run out to attack you. You can get out and shoot them or just run them over (heck, you can do both, this is GTA!)

Next, Little Jacob will want a ride to a townhouse in Meadows Park. Jacob will kick down the door and there will be some armed men awaiting you. Since this is your first real gunfight, the game will teach you how to take cover and aim/shoot from cover. Follow the directions to kill all the people in the house. Pick up their weapons, that's one less thing to waste money on! Once everybody's dead, take Jacob back to the Homebrew Cafe to end the mission.
Reward: $200

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At the start of this mission, you'll have an interesting introduction to Badman, Little Jacob's friend. He's a bit uptight because there are guys selling weed on his corner in Bohan and not paying him his share. Take care of these guys for Badman!

Once you arrive in South Bohan, the dealer will appear. Act as his shadow and follow him on foot to his supplier because Badman wanted you to take out the source, too. If you get too close he'll start running, but just keep following him. After a while the dealer will enter a building.

Follow him to his suppliers on the top floor, shoot down the lock, and take out everybody in the room. When they're all dead the mission will be complete and Niko will call up Little Jacob to assure him the job's done.
Reward: $250
Unlocks drug package side missions from Little Jacob and Badman

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