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Jimmy Pegorino

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Pegorino's Pride

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There is a lot of commotion going on inside the Pegorino - get used to it! Jimmy wants you oversee a deal he has going on, so drive him and some of his men to the location.

As lookout, you'll have to go upstairs in a building at the end of the alleyway. When you reach the spot, the deal will begin and, as usual, things go wrong! Quickly snipe the men that are crowding around Pegorino. When the alleyway is all clear, run back downstairs to take care of the other men scattered throughout the area.

This mission is time sensitive, you can't let Pegorino die. Our advice is to not spend too much time killing the man, just get to Pegorino as quickly as possible. Head up the stairs on the left of the alleyway, there will be a couple guys blocking the way. When you're on the platform, there will be one man off in the distance to the right and a couple close-by taking cover to the left. Try to knock them down with only a few shots and move on.

Run through one of the doors towards Pegorino, but watch out as there are obviously some more men inside the building. Once you reach Jimmy, Niko will help him out and the two of you will ditch the building. Jimmy isn't satisfied, though - some of the guys stole his goods and are driving off. Chase them down! You don't want to destroy the car since that will also destroy Pegorino's package (and therefore his pride). So just keep following them, and they'll eventually crash into a staircase and run around on foot. Out of the vehicle, they're much easier to take down. Kill them, grab the package that one will drop, and drive off with Pegorino. When you both arrive at Jimmy's mansion, the mission will be complete.
Reward: $10,500

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Right at the start of this mission, Jimmy will walk out of his front door with a gun pointed straight at Niko. He is paranoid after finding out that his guard, Anthony, has been wearing a wire for the feds the whole time. While speaking to him on the phone, Anthony had a heart attack! Jimmy thought that was the end of his worries, but the guy survived. He tells you to go down the road to the hospital and finish him off.

Walk into the hospital without a weapon drawn so the guards don't start coming after you. There are two ways to complete this mission - you can choose to be stealthy and approach it in a Hitman-like way, or just go classic GTA style shooting up guards and sick people.

To do it the stealthy way, find a closet in the hallway that has some scrubs (doctor's outfit) for you to change into. If you're in uniform, the guards at the end of hallway will let you pass. Once in Anthony's room, you can either pull his life support and run out of there, or shoot him and continue your rampage outside.

If you want to complete the mission guns ablazing, head down the hallway and kill the two guards there. Hurry inside Anthony's room, shoot him to give him the flat line, and head out.

You'll have to plow through some guards and cops on the way, but once you're outside lose your wanted level, and the mission will end.
Reward: $13,000
Pest Control

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Jimmy is having a meeting with Ray and Phil. It's obvoius there is some tension between the three of them, particularly with Ray. After he sees them out, Jimmy has a talk with Niko. He's afraid that somebody is selling them out, and even if it's not Ray or Phil, killing one of them will send a message to the rest of the family. He doesn't really know what to do just yet, so he'll call you later about it.

Leave Pegorino's mansion, and you might as well just drive towards Algonquin. In a couple minutes, Jimmy will call you and say that he's made up his mind...Ray has to go. Drive to East Holland where Ray will be exiting a building. There are two cars that you have to follow: a white one, which contains Ray, and a black one, which contains all his body guards.

Pegorino tells you that he'll make them stop for gas on the way, so you can wait until then to kill them. If you want to just get it over with, however, you can kill them during their first left turn - it's a large intersection and the building on the left corner has a patio with a view of the street, perfect for an RPG. If you don't beat them to the light and blow them up there, you can just wait until they arrive at the gas station (keeping your distance the whole time) and blow up the whole station with one rocket, taking care of Ray and his guards all at once.
One Last Thing

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Pegorino has one last job for you. He needs you to get some money for an H deal with the Russians. However, this means that you'll have to be dealing with Dimitri again. Niko tells Pegorino he'll do it, but he's obviously not quite sure.

When you leave the club Niko will automatically call a couple of people for advice. Roman will advise you to take the deal - he's getting married soon and could use the money, and he thinks it's time to stop the killing. Kate, however, thinks that Niko shouldn't compromise his values for some money. The choice is yours!
Unlocks two different mission paths: Deal ($) or Revenge (red man)

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