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Like all other games of the series, GTA IV starts off with a cutscene showing the main character, Niko Bellic, and his arrival at Liberty City.

During a conversation on the boat, we learn that Niko's cousin Roman promised a lavish lifestyle in America complete with a mansion, luxurious cars, and beautiful women. The other people on the ship humor Niko, knowing that these claims are probably false.

The boat docks and you greet your cousin with a warm "Zdravo burazeru!" After the two of you exchange more welcomes, it's off to your first mission...
The Cousins Bellic

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Just like in GTA III, your first mission is to drive through Liberty City - except this time you're not looking for a place at the edge of the Red Light District where you can lay low, and Roman's hands aren't all messed up but you're driving anyway!

This mission is simple, just follow the directions to Roman's apartment given on the GPS and you'll be fine. Along the way, you'll get a feel for Roman's personality and learn some controls and features of GTA IV.
Reward: $25
Xbox 360 Achievement: Off the Boat (5G)
Unlocks mission boss Roman Bellic (R)

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