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Mikhail Faustin
Best known as a Russian with a short temper, Mikhail Faustin is a Hove Beach man who works under mob boss Kenny Petrovic. An abusive relationship with his wife and daughter, a long-time friendship with Dimitri Rascalov going downhill, and a strong cocaine addiction are only a few Faustin's problems.

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Rigged to Blow
Do You Have Protection?

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Faustin's angry and snorting coke (get used to this image, you'll see it happen quite often). He needs you and Dimitri to take care of somebody for him.

Take Dimitri to the sex shop where there are a several guys filming pornographic films in the basement without paying Faustin a portion. Faustin wanted them dead, but Dimitri suggests that the two of you scare them into paying. They don't listen to your threats, even at gunpoint, so shoot the middle guy in the leg to freak them out.

Once they agree to pay, you can leave the sex shop and head to the gun shop. There, you can purchase anything you want - it's on Faustin's tab! Pick up a new weapon or some ammunition, and go back to the car. Take Dimitri back to Faustin's house to end the mission.
Reward: $400
Final Destination

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Faustin has you meet him at the Perestroika club, where he tells you that they're in trouble. The phones are being tapped and the feds know about their shady business. He thinks that there's a rat on the inside, and he believes it's Dimitri's cousin's boyfriend, Lenny. Much to Dimitri's dismay, Faustin urges you to kill Lenny.

Drive towards South Bohan, and Faustin will later notify you that Lenny is at the Guantanmo Avenue Station. Park your car and go upstairs to the train platform. Niko will taunt Lenny, and the rat will try to make a run for it.

Being careful not to get hit by a train, make sure that this is Lenny's final destination. Chase him across the platform and down the stairs. If you can't kill him before he gets to the car, catch him in a drive-by shooting.

Niko will call Dimitri telling him it's over, and Dimitri will alert you that you just killed the son of Kenny Petrovic, a dangerous man high up in the ranks of organized crime, and that things may be getting serious very soon.
Reward: $500
No Love Lost

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Faustin is concerned about his daughter's biker boyfriend. He wants you to take care of the problem by killing the guy.

Faustin says that they hang out on Firefly Island, so head over there to look for them. Once you arrive Niko will warn the boyfriend to stay away from Faustin's family. He says that his biker gang isn't worth messing with and drives off.

Hop on a conveniently placed bike and hunt him down. You'll have plenty of opportunities for drive-bys, so try to kill him as quickly as possible. If you can't, though, he'll soon meet up with his whole gang. They'll all be attacking you, so our best advice is to keep your distance. The gang will eventually drive into a park and get off their bikes, making them much easier to take out one by one. When everybody from the gang is dead, the mission will end.
Reward: $600
Rigged to Blow

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When you arrive at Faustin's home, Mikhail won't be there but his wife Ilyena will greet you. Niko and Ilyena have a cup of tea and share stories of the past when Dimitri and Mikhail barge in to end the fun.

Faustin needs you to pick up a semi-truck that belongs to a man that owes him money. He doesn't give you any other info, just to call him once you get the truck. Head over to Schottler to jack the Flatbed, and Niko will call Faustin. He mentions one small detail - the truck is filled with explosives!

Faustin wants you to blow up a garage in South Bohan. Go there, and be sure to pay the toll on the way because the last thing you want right now is police attention. Drive carefully, if you damage the truck enough you could set off the bombs (a beeping alert will let you know if you're close). Once you arrive, you'll have to trigger the bomb and run out of there. Niko will nearly miss the explosion in a cinematic stunt. Get as far away from the crime scene as possible. When you're safe, Niko will give a call to Faustin letting him know the job's done.
Reward: $700
Unlocks mission bosses Dimitri (D) and Brucie (B)

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