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Elizabeta Torres

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Luck of the Irish

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In this mission you're introduced to two new faces: Elizabeta Torres and Patrick "Packie" McReary. Elizabeta is in the drug business, and she has set up a deal for Packie. The problem is, though, she doesn't trust the guys she set it up with, so it's up to you to oversee the deal.

Take Packie to the deal location and head up to the roof of an adjacent building, where Packie placed a sniper rifle for you to use. When the dealers appear use your scope to see what's going on. Soon enough, they'll pull out guns and start attacking Packie. Pick them off one by one with your sniper, including one guy who hops into the truck.

When they're all dead and Packie's safe, the mission will end and Elizabeta will assure you that she has more work to be done.
Blow Your Cover

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Elizabta introduces you to two new people: Johnny and Playboy X. Johnny has a bunch of heroin that he wants to sell, and Elizabeta's found a buyer. Like last time, she thinks that protection will be necessary.

Head over to the deal location with Playboy X and go upstairs. The buyers turn out to be undercover LCPD agents who start up a gunfight. Quickly take cover and eliminate everybody in the building. Playboy will want to go up to the roof, so follow him. When you exit the room there will be a couple of officers waiting.

While you're walking up the stairs, be weary of attackers on or behind the staircase. Our advice is to shoot anybody on the stairs then creep up them backwards with your aim already on in order to take out anybody waiting behind up there.

When you reach the roof grab the health kit and keep following Playboy. You'll have a two-star wanted level by now so make your way out of the building (taking out the new officers that appear inside) and lose the police. Once you've lost the wanted level, take Playboy to his apartment in Algonquin.
Reward: $2,000
Unlocks mission boss Playboy X and the island of Algonquin.
The Snow Storm

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Have a Heart

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