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Dwayne Forge
Ruff Rider

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Dwayne shares with you his disappointments and even suicidal thoughts. Life for him outside prison hasn't been so great - Playboy X and his other friends are avoiding him, and his girlfriend Cherise is seeing somebody else named Jayvon (who happens to be the guy that ratted Dwayne out in the first place). He only cares about the latter because he raised money for her while in prison, which he sent to her regularly. Niko vows that he'll take care of it.

Dwayne mentions that Cherise and Jayvon hang out at the arcade in Chinatown. Go there to confront the two. They're startled by your arrival and Jayvon makes a run for it. You're given the option, however, to kill or spare Cherise. If you let her live, she will appear as a random person later in the game.

Hop on the motorbike parked across the street and chase down Jayvon. Shoot at him until he's dead and grab any money that he drops. Dwayne says he'll meet you at Cluckin' Bell to pick up the money. If you didn't kill Cherise, Dwayne says he doesn't mind.
Reward: $6,000
Undress to Kill

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