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Dimitri Rascalov
Mikhail Faustin's long-time friend and war buddy, Russian Dimitri Rascalov will pop up all throughout the game. You'll do a couple missions for him and "personal issues" will get in the way of further work.

Later in the game, Dimitri is believed to be heading the rise of Russian immigrant organized crime in the Liberty City area, and the two of you will have some more meets.
The Master and the Molotov

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Dimitri fears that Faustin has finally gone too far - killing Petrovic's son will supposedly bring a lot of trouble to his people. He feels that Faustin's time has come, but as his long-time friend Dimitri can't bring himself to kill him. That's your job!

You'll be able to find Dimitri entering his club, the Perestroika. Stock up on weapons before going there, but you don't need to buy armor - Dimitri has placed some behind the club for you to pick up. When you're ready for a firefight, walk inside the club.

Faustin's excected this, so he'll know what's up and try to flee the scene. Quickly take out his guards scattered throughout the club, which should be fine if you find the appropriate cover. Chase Faustin up to the roof, where he'll concede defeat. Kill Faustin to complete the mission. Once the deed is done, Niko will call Dimitri, who will tell you to pick up your money at a meet in a warehouse.
Russian Revolution

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Niko was told that he can meet Dimitri at a warehouse to pick up the money for killing Faustin. Little Jacob will call you saying that the whole deal sounds very fishy, and he wants to back you up just in case something goes wrong. Listen to the rasta, he knows what's good for you! Before meeting Jacob at the warehouse, pick up some ammo and armor from the weapon store.

When you arrive at the warehouse and greet Jacob, you'll be treated to a cutscene. Roman has brought along a friend - a Russian man named Mr. Bulgarin who claims that Niko stole money from him when smuggling people in Europe. The argument gets violent and breaks out into another firefight.

With Jacob's help, take out all of Bulgarin's men hiding throughout the warehouse. All of their locations will be revealed on the radar so take cover in the appropriate spots and kill them all one by one. Dimitri and Mr. Bulgarin will make their escape just as the police show up at the warehouse. You'll have to kill some cops in order to grab a car on the outside and lose your two star wanted level.

When you shake the cops off your tail, drop Jacob off at the Homebrew Cafe. Roman will call later telling you to meet him as soon as possible.

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