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Derrick McReary

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For this mission, you must find a cop car. If you can't find one on the streets, call 911 to have one "delivered". Once you're in, search for Bucky Sligo in the criminal database. You'll find out that he hangs around Burger Shot most of the time.

Drive to the Burger Shot in the cop car and he will pull up in his truck. He'll make a run for it to join up with the rest of his crew, so follow him. Don't try to shoot him, just follow him to his destination.

When you arrive at his hideout you will discover that the place is crawling with his men. If you're not feeling to confident you can call for some police backup, but you should be fine on your own.

After you kill all of Bucky's goons you will receive a two-star wanted level. Lose the cops to finish the misison and get your reward.
Reward: $6,500
Unlocks Stevie's Car Thefts
Baby Sitting

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Derrick wants you to protect Kim, an immigrant arriving to Liberty with a boat, because the boat is filled with counterfeit money.

First, drive the speedboat with Derrick out to meet the boat you are going to protect. Then just follow this boat until it arrives. Other boats will come out and you have to shoot them down drive-by style.

After three to four enemy boats are dead and when you reach a bridge, a helicopter will appear. Derrick hands you a rocket launcher to handle it. Just exit the driver's seat of the boat to step onto the deck, lead the rocket in front of the helicopter, and fire away.

Finally, with all threats eliminated, continue following the money boat until it safely docks.
Reward: $7,000
Tunnel of Death

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In this mission you will be working with Derrick's brother, Packie, to take out Aiden who is an enemy of Derrick. However, Aiden is being moved in a prison transport so you cannot simply kill him or the cops will suspect Derrick. Packie instructs you to go collect a flatbed truck and use it to fake a prison break for Aiden.

Once you have it, drive it into the tunnel until you reach the destination marker. Then, use the truck to block the tunnel. The prison convoy arrives and Packie blocks them in the back. All you have to do here is kill all of the cops. Then hop in the armored transport van holding Aiden and head in the same direction in the tunnel (toward Alderney). Keep driving until you lose the wanted level.

Now drop off the armored van at the destination to pick up a 4-door car. Drive this car to the marked cliffs, enjoy a short cutscene where you reveal yourselves to Aiden, and execute Aiden.
Reward: $7,500

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