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Brucie's Street Races
After you complete Brucie's mission No. 1, he'll call you up and let you know that whenever you're looking for another race he can point you in the right direction. In your phonebook under Brucie, there will be a new entry titled "Race." Simply call Brucie using this feature, and Niko will ask about the nearest race. Sometimes Brucie will say that there are no races available, but this is solely dependent on your location in the game. Head over to another borough and try again, you should be able to get one. After Brucie hangs up, the racing start point will be placed on your GPS. Once you're in the yellow marker, the race will begin.

Although completing these races has nothing to do with the progression of the storyline, you are required to complete 20 races in order to fulfill a requirement for getting 100% completion in the game. Xbox 360 users will also unlock the "Genetically Superior" achievement after completing 20 races.
  • Grab a good car before going into the race. You don't necessarily need to get a supercar like the Comet or Infernus for the missions - a Feroci, Intruder, Presidente, or anything else of that style that you are comfortable with will do the trick!
  • The biggest key to success is to take your time. Don't feel rushed and don't try to speed through every single turn. Your opponents will usually be pretty far behind you, and rushing through the race will probably only mess you up and allow opponents to pass.
  • At the beginning of the race, drive aggressively! There are usually five other racers, and you need to spark something that will leave most of them behind. Force a couple of them to spin out, creating a domino effect that will stop everybody behind them. This can sometimes help keep about three opponents out of your way. Once you get some out of the way, though, drop your aggressive attitude and race!
  • Don't try to kill your opponents. Shooting other racers won't be tolerated, and if you kill one or damage the car enough, the race will be cancelled. You don't need to focus your time on trying to eliminate your opponents, just drive as efficiently as possible and you'll be fine. One useful weapon when used correctly, however, can be the grenade. If an opponent is behind you (far enough to not be blown up by the grenade but close enough to possibly pass you), throw a hot grenade out the window when approaching traffic. Causing a huge mess in the road will force your opponent to crash and lose control, therefore sealing your lead.

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