EFLC PS3/PC Fansite Event

GTAGaming visits NYC for EFLC PC/PS3 Fansite Event and surprise RDR Event.

Kodo and Zidane have returned from an amazing weekend trip in NYC with Rockstar Games, and we've been given permission to tell you about it. It all started back in early March, when we received an email about an Episodes from Liberty PC/PS3 Fansite Event being planned. Of course, we were excited to go, so we anticipated the event for a month until the weekend of April 9-11 arrived. Casey (Zidane) and the other fansite guys met up in NYC on Apr. 9 with Rockstar and they went out to dinner, had some drinks, and had a good time. Unfortunately, I had to work that Friday so I arrived at hotel Ink48 well past 10pm. I met up with Casey and the other GTA webmasters: Adam, Jevon, Blair, Andy, Simon, Gerald, Chris, and Jesse, the relative newcomer. We did some exploring of the hotel while getting caught up. We are getting to know each other well over the years. We talked about GTA and discussed ideas about what might be planned for us during the weekend.

Adam, Jevon, Blair & Andy - http://www.GTANet.com
Gerald - http://www.GTAWH.com
Simon - http://www.igrandtheftauto.com
Chris - http://www.thegtaplace.com
Jesse - http://grandtheftauto.ign.com

Episodes from Liberty City

Saturday started off with a trip to Rockstar's offices on Broadway around noon. Our group took three cabs over to the office to meet Bill, Mike, Jordan, and Mark from Rockstar Games. They took us up to the 5th floor and we walked into a familiar media room where we played Chinatown Wars last year. The media room is really cool. There's nice couches, big TVs, magazines with L.A. Noire previews, and framed posters of San Andreas artwork along the walls. It's interesting to point out that every year we go, we are allowed to see a little bit more inside their office building. The first time we couldn't get past the security desk, the second time we weren't allowed to look around at all, and this time we saw more of the space even though we had to be monitored when walking from the media room to the bathroom.

This time, the media room was loaded with PS3's and PC's set up with Episodes from Liberty City. For the first half of the gaming session, I sat down and played some TBOGT on the PS3. From what I saw, the game looked great and ran smoothly. I didn't have any complaints. However, I've played EFLC quite a bit, so I entered in some cheat codes to make things more interesting. That was fun until it was time for the pizza break and [1] Coke that the room had ordered.

Next, I hopped onto one of the PC's to play TBOGT. I was really curious about the capabilities of the in-game Video Editor I had just found out about. I used to make videos with the replay function in the Vice City PC version. Let me say, the GTA IV editor is leaps and bounds ahead in terms of features. Now you can build sequences of clips and add in titles, music, and transitions, as well as changing the speed of the film or adding filters to the image. Most importantly, you can edit the clips in game and choose where you want to place the camera to get the best shots. While testing out the features, I made these short video clips (Chase and Explosive). Be sure to check out the Rockstar Social Club for more video editor movies.

Red Dead Redemption
Bill told us it was time to stop playing GTA IV, because we had a secret event taking place that Saturday evening. The choices were between helicopters and speedboats. Turns out it was neither, in fact, it was better than I imagined. Rockstar picked us up from our hotel around 8pm and piled us into a large, black van. The van drove us to an undisclosed location, some warehouse with a Red Dead Redemption van parked out front. Bill walked out to greet us and gestured that we take a step inside.

We stepped off sidewalk of modern day New York City into an Old Western saloon that matched the theme of Red Dead Redemption. There was a piano player in a suit and bowler hat playing some saloon music. Not far from him was a bar stocked with drinks served by costumed saloon girls. On the ground floor were 6 stations of RDR multiplayer played on monitors set up on gallows, there was a noose hanging literally a few feet above your head. This multiplayer area was surrounded by wooden fences and barrels decorated with cow skulls and sticks of dynamite. The multiplayer version was pretty awesome. The mode I played was a free-roam deathmatch in a Western town. The controls may have felt familiar to playing GTA, but at the same time it was such a unique and immersive world.

Up a flight of stairs on the second floor were some couches with a single player demo set out. Rockstar explained to us the basic story, showed some controls like targeting and shooting, riding horses, and generally displayed the beautiful scenery. So far, the visuals of the game have appealed to me the most. The draw distance is really amazing because at one point, a character was standing on his horse at the edge of a canyon, and I could see more mountains and terrain on the other side of the canyon all the way to the horizon. I didn't see too much of the story, but so far I love the theme of the game and I'm really looking forward to its release on May 18th. Lately, I have been hooked on the Gunslingers Facebook App.

Going Home
This trip went by very quickly and we would have loved to stay longer. The best part of the trip had to be getting to know some fans of Rockstar Games and of course, the people that work for Rockstar Games. Rockstar has a special quality of passion for the games they make, and it definitely shows by how well they treat their fans. They didn't have to allow us in their office building or let us play Red Dead Redemption, but they did. It shows by how they talk about their products, too. They're all about the games and they love to talk about them! Hanging out with Rockstar and its fans is so much fun because everybody is on the same page. It feels like everyone is there to have a lasting game experience, and that's what sets Rockstar apart as a leader of the game industry.

Red Dead Redemption: http://www.rockstargames.com/reddeadredemption/
Episodes from Liberty City: http://www.rockstargames.com/episodesfromlibertycity/

Written by Kyle 'Kodo' Papke April 9-11, 2010.


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