GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Random People

Dave Grossman

Hanging in the Exchange in southern Algonquin you'll find Dave Grossman, one of Billy's lawyer friends that you met at the clubhouse. He wants to ask you a favor - one of Grossman's colleagues is suing him for sexual harassment, and if his wife finds out then his life will be over. He wants you to go to the woman's lawyer on Denver Ave. and scare him into backing down.

When you approach Denver Ave the lawyer will begin to drive off in his luxury car. Chase him down and take some shots at the car. Don't kill the lawyer, though, just shoot up the car. After doing significant damage to the car, the lawyer will pull over and promise to drop the case against Dave Grossman. When the cutscene is over the mission will end, and you'll get your reward.

Reward: $500


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