GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

Was It Worth It?

Ray doesn't greet you too nicely at the restaurant, and he soon pulls out a gun and points it at Johnny. He tells Johnny to walk with him to the basement, where you see a man torturing Jim with a blowtorch. Ray knows that you stole the money and he wants to know where it is. Jim soon cuts the ropes holding him down and threatens the torturer with a box cutter. Johnny kicks the pistol out of Ray's hand, and soon the tables turn. As the two brothers are running up the stairs, Jim slits the throat of Ray's friend. On the way out Ray threatens you two saying that he has men on every corner ready to take him down.

Once outside, hop on your bike and go to Alderney to meet Ashley. On your way there, Ashley will call you up and say that Ray has sent some men after you. Four of his guys will appear on your radar in Alderney, so you'll have to kill them all before going to meet with Ashley. Call up Terry and Clay if you want some backup. Each of the cars will be filled with four men armed with SMGs and shotguns. If you don't use an RPG to kill them, be sure to pick up the huge wads of cash they leave behind. After killing the men in the first car, the others will know your location and close in.

After killing all of them, go meet up with Ashley. On the doorsteps of the Lost clubhouse, Ashley will tell you that Jim didn't make it alive. She goes on to say that Ray isn't the main problem, it's Billy, and she thinks Congressman Stubbs might be able to help you take care of it. Johnny thinks about it and tells Ashley to leave. Like a mind reader, Stubbs will soon call you and have you meet him at the Lost clubhouse.


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