GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions

This Shit's Cursed

Inside the clubhouse, Jimmy and Billy are fighting about what to do with the heroin that they stole earlier. Jim tells Johnny that the drugs belonged to some Triads, and they are very pissed off about losing it. Billy doesn't want to make a deal with them, but he finally listens Johnny and agrees. When the cutscene ends, follow Billy to the meet-up.

Since you and Jim were the ones that supported the deal, Billy suggests that you carry it out. He says he doesn't trust the Triads, and with good reason. When you get inside they are not very welcoming, and they end up stealing the heroin and running off after taking a few shots.

Jim and Johnny try to make their escape out an alternate exit. When the cutscene ends, there will be some Triads on the landing that you need to kill. Finish them off and then follow Jim through to the next area. More and more Triads will appear as you walk across roofs and down ladders. Finally a yellow blip will appear at the front of the building, enter it to start a cutscene.

The police show up in front of the building and find Billy stumbling around. Billy keeps yelling out that Johnny must have set him up, and soon enough he's in LCPD custody. When the cutscene ends Johnny calls Brian, who is waiting around the corner. Run around to Brian and hop on your bike. With Billy back in jail, Johnny is now the chapter leader! Lead your brothers back to The Lost clubhouse, where Brian will continue to accuse Johnny of ratting out to the cops. The members will split, and the mission will end.

Unlocks Xbox 360 achievement "The Lost Boy" (25G)
Unlocks Stubbs' assassinations
Unlocks random person Dave Grossman


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