GTA IV The Lost and Damned Walkthrough: Missions


Congressman Stubbs is getting a back massage at Jousters when Johnny shows up. After getting comfortable with Johnny (a bit too comfortable, as you'll soon find out), Stubbs reveals that he needs someone's money. His uncle has a hold on the family trust fund, and Stubbs wants him dead. He tells Johnny to make it look like a terrorist act in order to help his campaign.

When you exit Jousters, you'll be armed with an RPG. Get over to the airport before the designated time. On your way there Stubbs will send you a text message saying you can either shoot the helicopter as it's landing or take out his uncle's motorcade when he's driving off. He has a contact at the airport that can help you get off the runway if you find yourself stuck.

The best way to complete the mission, however, is to stay off of the airport runway. When you arrive at the blip you'll see three guards blocking the gate. When Stubbs' uncle gets into his vehicle, kill the three guards and then blow up the convoy as it drives out of the gate. You'll end up getting a three-star wanted level (instead of the four stars you would receive on the runway), and you have to shake the cops in order to complete the mission.

Soon afterwards, you'll get a call from Ashley which will open up the next mission.

Reward: $3,000
Automatically unlocks mission Coming Down


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